The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 68, July 1964 - April, 1965

Adam Cawrcce of Yew ear Creek
October 16, 1799,1 the son of Joseph Lawrence and the
- grandson of Adam Lawrence,2 a North Carolinian, who
was one of the first settlers of Kentucky during the late eighteenth
century. This elder Adam Lawrence had participated in the Amer-
ican Revolution during his residence in North Carolina. The
Lawrence family had immigrated to America from Saint Albans,
England, during the seventeenth century and had settled on Long
Island. Distinguished members of this line were William Law-
rence, a prominent landowner and patentee of Flushing in the
seventeenth century, and Adam Lawrence, high sheriff of the
Queens and member of the New York legislature in the eighteenth
century.3 Joseph Lawrence began the North Carolina branch of
the family in the eighteenth century.
According to family tradition, Adam Lawrence was dissatisfied
with a second marriage of his father, Joseph Lawrence. As a
result, it is thought that he left his Kentucky home with the
connivance of his sisters in 1815, going at the age of fifteen to live
with his uncle, Adam Lawrence, at the point where Jonesboro
later developed on the Red River." Adam Lawrence, the uncle,
was definitely in residence there as early as the winter of 1815,
being the first Anglo-Saxon settler to move across the Red River
into the present area of Texas. His place of settlement was oppo-
1Deposition of Adam Lawrence to Z. T. Fulmore in application for a Revolu-
tionary pension, October 23, 1874 (MS., Archives, Texas State Library); Tombstone,
Lawrence Chapel, Williamson County, Texas.
2The will of the elder Adam Lawrence was probated in Henderson County (orig-
inally part of Logan County), Kentucky, in September, 18oo.
8Benjamin F. Thompson, History of Long Island (8 vols.; New York, 1962), III,
4Adella Alice Layne Landers, a granddaughter of Adam Lawrence, to J. P. L.,
signed statement, December 27, 196o (MS. in possession of the writer). Mrs.
Landers knew Lawrence during the last years of his life.

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