The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 70, July 1966 - April, 1967

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unusual degree of tragedy, with the deaths of Director H.
Bailey Carroll, past president Pat Ireland Nixon, and First
Vice-president Joseph Schmitz. Since no outpouring of words can
ever express our sense of loss, we shall not display our inadequa-
cies at a time of deep sorrow. Tributes to those individuals will
be found, however, for Dr. Carroll on pages 1-6, for Dr. Nixon
on page 113, and for Brother Schmitz on page 115-
Before his resignation, Dr. Carroll already had prepared this
issue of the Quarterly for publication and had accepted several
additional manuscripts which will appear in future issues. Thus
future issues will reflect his editorial direction for some time to
come. The new editor, however, assumes responsibility for the
editorial content of all issues, including this one.
The only immediate change in Quarterly staff and procedure
will be the naming of Robert C. Cotner, associate professor of
history at the University of Texas and author of the monumental
James Stephen Hogg: A Biography, as Book Review Editor.
On March 23, 1966, the First Texas Governor's Conference on
Libraries was held in Austin to promote greater interest in that
field which is so closely related to history. Association members
who served on conference committees were: Dorman H. Winfrey,
co-chairman of the steering committee; C. Stanley Banks, Sr.,
member of the steering committee; and J. P. Bryan and Herbert
Gambrell, members of the advisory committee.
The Texas Library Association at its annual meeting in March
made Richard W. Pettway a Library Trustee for 1966 in recog-
nition of his long-standing interest and activities in library
affairs on the local and state levels. Also at the meeting the
Archives and State and Local History Roundtable of the as-

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 70, July 1966 - April, 1967. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed July 7, 2015.