The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 70, July 1966 - April, 1967

JOE B. FRANTZ, "History Looking Ahead: The Present and
Future of the Texas State Historical Association," is the editor
of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and the director of the
Texas State Historical Association.
L. ROBERT ABLES, "The Second Battle for the Alamo," is a
graduate student at the University of Texas. His major is in Edu-
cational Administration.
RALPH A. WOOSTER, "An Analysis of the Texas Know Nothings,"
is chairman of the department of history at Lamar State College
of Technology. Research on this article was made possible by a
grant from the Lamar Tech Research Center.
REBECCA SMITH LEE is a former head of the English department
at Texas Christian University and the author of Mary Austin
Holley, a 1962 winner in the Texas Institute of Letters Book
Award competition.
NEAL A. BAKER, JR., "Red River County, Texas, in the 192o's:
A Landlocked Frontier," is an instructor at Grayson County
Junior College.
GERALD S. PIERCE, "Some Early Letters of Moses Austin Bryan,"
is an assistant professor of history at Memphis State University.
E. W. BOWERS, "A Whole People Indicted," is a former clerk
of the district court of Red River County, Texas.
JOHN HAMMOND MOORE, "Telamon Cuyler's Diary: To Texas
in 1888," teaches at Georgia State College, Atlanta.

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