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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 74, July 1970 - April, 1971

Affairs of the Association
The past year has been an exciting one in the affairs of the Associa-
tion. Books are finally rolling off the presses, the Junior Historian pro-
gram is sparking a great deal of interest, and the Association has be-
come involved in movie-making.
The first of the Association's hardback publications in several years,
William Curry Holden's The Espuela Land and Cattle Company and
Walter Prescott Webb's Talks on Texas, edited by Llerena Friend,
finally have made their appearance. Bookkeeper Candy O'Keefe and
mail clerk Randy Paul report steady orders for both. Nancy Barker's
The French Legation in Texas, Vol. I, and William C. Pool's Eugene
C. Barker are both in galleys. Barbara Stockley has done a fine job of
editing the book manuscripts, and the authors have cooperated fully
in getting the manuscripts processed through the various stages.
We had hoped to be able to announce how well the Handbook of
Texas, Vol. III, had been received, but we are still in the editing stage.
One of these days, we are no longer stating when, it will be out, and
we are convinced that the inconvenience of delay will be more than
offset by the greater accuracy that has resulted from the checking by
the editorial staff of thousands of facts in the many listings. Eldon
Branda, Karen Wilson, Mary Shields, and Lonn Taylor are working
diligently to provide the best possible work.
The Texas History Paperback Series, a joint venture of your Asso-
ciation and the University of Texas Press, now has eight titles in print
and seven additional titles will be available in August. These low-
priced paperbacks have been adopted by most of the Texas colleges
offering Texas history. They are ideal for high school libraries and as
gifts for anyone interested in Texas history.
The editors of the Quarterly appreciate the opportunity of reviewing
the large number of manuscripts submitted for consideration for publi-
cation during the past year. We are also very much in debt to our out-
standing editorial advisory board, in addition to a number of other

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 74, July 1970 - April, 1971. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 4, 2016.

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