The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 75, July 1971 - April, 1972

Affairs of the Association

employments, and habits it is beyond the capacity of one person to
bring to view all the facts pertaining to each part of the country," As-
sociation President O. M. Roberts told members at the first annual
meeting, June 17, 1897. There should be, he continued, an association
"so situated as properly to co-operate in doing the work." Roberts
hoped that the new organization would "be a permanent institution."
To be "hanging in" seventy-four years later does indicate that a cer-
tain degree of permanency has been attained, and in 1971 the general
objectives of the founding fathers remain the same, "the promotion
of historical studies ... especially such as relate to Texas."
In the early days of the Association successful efforts were made to
gather collections of historically important papers and books relating
to Texas. These efforts culminated in the development of the magnifi-
cent Texas Collection at the University of Texas, Austin. Members'
interests have also been largely responsible for collections at the Texas
State Library, Texas Tech, North Texas State University, the Dallas
Historical Society, and many other archives and libraries throughout
the state.
The most sustained effort of the Association in promoting historical
studies has been in the field of publications, with the Quarterly and
the Handbook of Texas constituting the two most important published
sources covering the whole span of Texas history. Many historians are
now researching and writing in the field of Texas history, and we hope
to receive the best of their output for the Quarterly.
During the past several years our present Editorial Advisory Board-
Lewis L. Gould, Lee Huddleston, James Nichols, Marilyn McAdams
Sibley, and Ronnie C. Tyler-together with many other historians, have
given us the benefit of their wide and deep knowledge of Texas history
in reading manuscripts submitted to us to consider for publication.
Their recommendations have been closely followed. Professor Jim B.
Pearson has spent a great deal of time expanding the scope of the book

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 75, July 1971 - April, 1972. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 7, 2016.