The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 76, July 1972 - April, 1973


AAA (Agricultural Adjustment
Administration) : article about,
noted, 336
A.L.A. (American Library Asso-
ciation) : 72, 73
Abbott, Robert S.: black news-
paper published by, 436
Abernathy, Francis: speech by,
Abernathy, Texas: Hale County
History on, 213
Abilene, Texas: Association
meeting in, 80, 204
abolitionism: newspapers on,
395; mentioned, 315 n., 386
abolitionists: article about, not-
ed, 216
Academy of Builders, Cologne:
Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden:
Acadians: origins of, 257; in
Lower Louisiana, 257, 275
"Act Regulating Contracts for
Labor." SEE labor contracts,
Adams, Ann Rebecca Patillo
Bass: family of, 366; travels
of, 366; plantation duties of,
368, 376; on plantation life,
372; mentioned, 379
Adams, Calvin: and Joseph Pier-
nas, 264
Adams, Charles B. F.: appointed
railroad commissioner, 176
Adams, Charles W.: in attack on
Confederate ships, 63
Adams, David B.: book review
by, 497
Adams, Frank Carter: on ante-
bellum politics, 128
Adams, Ramon F.: book by,
reviewed, 113
Adams, Dr. Robert: family of,
366; settles in Brazoria Coun-
ty, 366; mentioned, 368, 372
Adams, Will (slave) : in Harri-
son County, 396
"Address to the People of the
Southern States" (at Nash-
ville Convention) : 11
Admiral Nimitz Center. SEE
Nimitz Center, Admiral: Nim-
itz Foundation, Admral
Adriance, John: in Columbia,
371; mentioned, 376
Adventure in Glory: 122
"Affairs of the Association":
117-119, 354-360
Afleck, Thomas: 376
Africa: Negro civilization in,
African Methodist Episcopal
Church (Austin): picture of
original members of, 452
Afro-Americans: periodical about,

noted, 213. SEE ALSO blacks;
agricultural history: article
about, mentioned, 483
agriculture: research on, 82, 133,
141; effect of Civil War on,
383; importance of slavery to,
389-390; freedmen and immi-
grants as workers for, 461-471.
Alabama: grasslands in, 237;
Texans from, 365, 366; ante-
bellum land values in, 461;
article about, mentioned, 488
Alabama Indians: Gustav Dresel
to village of, 240. SEE ALSO
Alamo, the: fall of, 143; picture
of, 193; book about, noted, 483
Alamo, The: noted, 483
Alamo Ditch: 187
Alaska: Negro infantry in, 420
Albany, New York: Frederic
Remington in, 297-298
Alexander, D. B.: 211
Alexander, Joseph: and Houston
riot, 434 n.
Alford, Harold J.: book by, re-
viewed, 337-338
Alfred (freedman) : 468
Alleck (slave) : 374
Allen, Texas Attorney General
Ebenezer: failure of, to per-
form duties, 168; selects rail-
road commissioners, 178
Allen, H. R.: as Unionist, 318
Allen, Harvey H.: 178 n.
Allen, John Houghton: 480-481
Agen, R.: as Unionist, 318
Allen, U. T.: as Unionist, 317
Allen's Landing: folio about,
noted, 211
Alley, Rawson: 476
Almar z, F4lix D., Jr.: book by,
reviewed, 221-222; mentioned,
Almonister y Rojas Estrada,
Don Andr4s: article about,
mentioned, 484
Almonte, J u a n Nepomuceno:
and Alphonse Dubois de Sa-
ligny, 26; cartoons of, 26;
work of, 34
Alpine, Texas: 206
Altenburg, Thuringia: D o u a i
from, 194
Alvord, John W.: appointed su-
perintendent of Freedmen's Bu-
reau schools, 399; reports of,
on Negro education, 400, 401,
405, 409, 414; on General Grif-
fin, 406; resignation of, 416;
mentioned, 402, 408-409
Amable Maria (ship) : 257
Amarillo, Texas: log buildings
near, 243
American Association for State

and Local History: meeting of,
474; award given by, 476
American Colonization Society in
Texas: incorporated, 290
American Flag: publication of, 86
American Historical Association:
meeting of, 474
American I n d i a n Ceremonial
Dances: reviewed, 350-351
American Indian Portraits: From
the Wanamaker Expedition of
1913: reviewed, 232
American Institute of Aeronau-
tics and Astronautics: histori-
cal monograph series of, 84;
annual competition of, 84
American Library Association:
meeting of, 72. 73
American Missionary (periodi-
cal) : letters to, 410
American Missionary Associa-
tion: article about, noted, 332;
in Texas, 399 n.; and Freed-
men's Bureau, 402; work of,
with Negroes, 402, 409; pro-
vides teachers for Negro
schools, 402, 410, 411, 413;
mentioned, 415
American party. SEE Know
Nothing party
American Revolution Bicenten-
nial Commission: program of,
211; film by, described, 327
American Revolutionary War:
260 n.
Americans: national characteris-
tics of, 265, 273, 286; Rem-
ington illustrates, 299. SEE
ALSO Anglo-Americans
American Scene (periodical):
noted, 329-330, 482
American studies: bibliography
for, mentioned, 483-484
American West: Spanish hopes
for defection of, 262. SEE ALSO
West, the
Amdricas (periodical) : article
in, noted, 477
Amite River, Louisiana: 257
Amon G. Carter Award for the
Best Book of Southern His-
tory: 205
Amon G. Carter Museum of
Western Art: exhibit at, 325
Amstead, B. H.: article by,
noted, 88
Anahuac, Texas: prairie fires
near, 253
Anderson, John Q.: book edited
by, noted, 330
Anderson County, Texas: 1853
election returns from, 154: I.
W. Brashear as senator from,
171; topography of, 241; Un-
ionists in, 317
Andrew (slave): treatment of,
Andrews, John: 476

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