The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 79, July 1975 - April, 1976


Abernethy, Francis E.: 124
Abilene, Texas, Chamber of
Commerce: minutes of, noted,
Abiqui6 District of (Spanish
New Mexico): table of fami-
lies in, 176, 177
abolition: churches' attitude to-
ward, 164-165
abolitionists: plots of, in Tex-
as, 141; use of newspapers
by, 145
Academy of Sciences, Mexican
National: 338
Accipiter cooperii: picture of,
A. striatos: picture of, 51
Achor, Shirley: dissertation by,
noted, 205
Acoma-Zufii mesas (Spanish
New Mexico): Indian popu-
lation on, 175 n.; table of
families in, 177
Across the Rio to Freedom:
U.S. Negroes in Mexico: note
on, 838-889
Acuff, Texas: picture of ranch
at, 187
Adams, David D.: book review
by, 243-244
Adams, Donald E.: thesis by,
noted, 209
Adams, Leann Cox: thesis by,
noted, 454
Adams, Robert: review of book
by, 110-111
Adams, Thomas Richard: thesis
by, noted, 454
Adams, Headley Cadwallader:
dissertation by, noted, 820
Adkins, William Gray: disserta-
tion by, noted, 320
"Affairs of the Association":
123-127, 366-372
AFL-CIO of Texas: papers of,
noted, 836
Agassiz Fuertes, Louis: book
illustrated by, 81-54: illustra-
tions by, reproduced, 33, 85,
37-39, 43, 45, 47-49, 51, 53,
Agreda, Mary of: 181
Agricultural and Mechanical
Association: 188
agriculture: and political power
in antebellum Texas, 27-28;
in New Mexico province, 169,
172: of Pueblo Indians, 178.
See also truck farming
-, Mexican: labor conditions
of, 400, 410; production of,

during emigration, 400-401,
405; mentioned, 382
-, United States: article on,
during Depression, 279-295;
Mexican workers in, 402, 403
Aguilar, Candido: on braceros,
Aguirre, Ralph H.: thesis by,
noted, 69
Aimophila aestivalis: picture
of, 37
Akhtar, Muhammad Iqbal: dis-
sertation by, noted, 320
Akins, William Charles: thesis
by, noted, 78
Alabama: 137, 155, 270
Alamia, Leticia Ann: thesis by,
noted, 320
Alamo, the: R. Potter honors,
Alaniz, Roberto Trevino: thesis
by, noted, 454
Al-Banrar, Toma J.: disserta-
tion by, noted, 820
Albrecht, Jerry Edward: thesis
by, noted, 320
Albrecht, Winnell: thesis by,
noted, 209
Album of Southern Birds, An:
Albuquerque (Spanish New
Mexico): protection of, 171;
table of families in, 176
Alexander, Nancy Sue: disserta-
tion by, noted, 205
Alexander, Robert: 150
Alexandria, Egypt: lighthouse
at, 801
Alford, Donald Wayne: disser-
tation by, noted, 320
Al-Layla, Mohamad Tayeb Hus-
sain: dissertation by, noted,
Allbright, Arland Rodney: the-
sis by, noted, 79
Allen, Clarence Hubert: thesis
by, noted, 79
Allen, Gary James: thesis by,
noted, 320
Allen, H. K.: 226
Allen, Jack A: thesis by, noted,
Allen, Jerry Vedder: thesis by,
noted, 320
Allen, Mildred Reese: thesis by,
noted, 205
Allen, W. Y.: papers of, 296
Allison. Joe Frank: dissertation
by, noted, 320
Allison, Terry Cleveland: the-
sis and dissertation by, noted,
Allison, Tony Mike: thesis by,

noted, 209
Almaraz, F1ix D., Jr.: 124
Alpine, Texas: 419
Alsmeyer, Henry Louis: disser-
tation by, noted, 820
Alsup, Ross Glenn: dissertation
by, noted, 320
Altaras, Ronald Merida: thesis
by, noted, 79
Alta Vista (mansion): replica
of, noted, 463
Alternatives to Extinction: re-
view of, 360-8361
Alto, the (Mexico): bandits in,
Amarillo, Texas: 286
Ambler, Richard Melvin: thesis
by, noted, 320
Americana: Eberstadt collection
of, 835
American and British Writers
in Mexico, 1556-1973: review
of, 244-245
American Association for State
and Local History: 463
American Bible Society: in Tex-
as, 158
American Civil War, The: re-
view of, 242-243
American Diaries in Manu-
script: review of, 121-122
American Indian, Museum of
the: noted, 388
American Indian in Graduate
Studies: A Bibliography of
Theses and Dissertations,
The: note on, 888
American party, the: in Texas,
185, 187, 138, 144
American Revolution: soldier in,
129: historical holdings on,
335: mentioned, 337, 469
American Scene (periodical):
note on, 888
American Smelting and Refin-
ing Co.: 397
American Trade Association
Executives: 264
Amon Carter Museum: exhibit
at, noted, 97
Amtrak: and railway stations,
434, 440
Amyett, Jane Read: thesis by,
noted, 79
Anderson, Adrian: book review
by, 115-116
Anderson, Carl Gustaf: disser-
tation by, noted, 321
Anderson, Don Randolph: dis-
sertation by, noted, 321
Anderson, Harry B.: and Lum-
ber Code, 274
Anderson, James G.: thesis by,

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