The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 80, July 1976 - April, 1977

A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in
Texas Studies, 1964-1974
Compiled and Edited by L. TUFFLY ELLIS and BARBARA J. STOCKLEY
theses and dissertations, previous installments of which appeared
in the October 1974, January-October 1975, January-October 1976, and
January I977 Quarterlies (Volumes LXXVIII, Numbers 2-4, LXXIX,
Numbers 1-4, and LXXX, Numbers 1-3). The checklist, which includes
work about any aspect of Texas, regardless of field of study, commences
with Texas graduate schools, listing them alphabetically by schools and by
students' names.
TRINITY UNIVERSITY-Library-7 15 Stadium Drive, San Antonio, Texas
Adair, Thomas Louis. "A Survey of the Conditions Affecting Attendance in
an Adult Education Program at Inman Christian Center" (M.S., 1965)
Astolfi, Adrienne A. "Motivation to Enter Hospital Administration: A Study
of the Trinity University Program in Hospital Administration, 1965-
1968" (M.S., 1970)
Barbour, Martin W. "A Study of Recruitment, Training, and Development of
Managers by San Antonio, Texas, Businesses, 1972" (M.S., 1973)
Bartels, Eugene J. "Peterson Foundation and Hospital: 'A Haven in the
Hills' for Health Care" (M.S., 1973)
Batz, Richard Charles. "The Development of Fort Sam Houston and Its Im-
pact on San Antonio" (M.S., 1972)
Bays, Michael E. "Comparison of Waco Veterans Administration Hospital
Nurse Staffing and Other Veterans Administration Neuropsychiatric
Hospitals" (M.S., 1974)
Beeler, Don A. "Selected Factors Affecting Patient Utilization of Neighbor-
hood Maternal Health Clinics in the San Antonio Metropolitan Area"
(M.S., 1973)
Benson, William D. "Internship with the Community Council of Southwest
Texas, Inc." (M.S., 1972)
Bevis, Jimmy Marion. "Selecting Students for Graduate Study in Health Care
Administration at Trinity University" (M.S., 1974)
Bovie, Irene Wister. "Quantitative Study of Eight Genera of Planktonic
Algae in Canyon Lake Over a Three-Year Period" (M.S., 1972)

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