The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 80, July 1976 - April, 1977

A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in
Texas Studies, 1964-1974
Compiled and Edited by L. TUFFLY ELLIS and BARBARA J. STOCKLEY
theses and dissertations, previous installments of which appeared
in the October 1974, January-October 1975, and January-April 1976
Quarterlies (Volumes LXXVIII, Numbers 2-4, and LXXIX, Numbers
1-4). The checklist, which includes work about any aspect of Texas, re-
gardless of field of study, commences with Texas graduate schools, listing
them alphabetically by schools and by students' names.
TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY-Library-Houston, Texas 77004
Adams, Georgia B. "A Study of the Differences, If Any, between Expressed
Interest and Measured Interest of Students Enrolled in the 1967 Sum-
mer Institute of English and Mathematics at Texas Southern Univer-
sity" (M.Ed., 1967)
Addison, Joseph Edward, Jr. "A Study of New Trends and Practices in the
Junior High School Choral Program" (M.Mus.Ed., 1968)
Addison, Mary Mondell. "A Study of Creative Art Activities for the Primary
Grades at James H. Law Elementary School, Houston, Texas" (M.Ed.,
Alexander, Archie M. B. "A Study of Factors Which Contribute to the Be-
havior Problems of Culturally Deprived Pupils in the Second Grade of
B. H. Grimes Elementary School" (M.Ed., 1967)
Allen, Donald V. "A Study of Some Causes of Drop-Outs in Two Selected
Robertson County High Schools During the School Year 1962-1963"
(M.Ed., 1964)
Amboree, Ruth E. "A Study of Methods Utilized in Recording and Reporting
Pupils' Progress in Selected Elementary Schools" (M.Ed., 1967)
Amey, Opal June. "An Examination of Physical Fitness Results after Applying
Two Different Physical Education Content Programs to Fifth Grade
Girls at Johnston Elementary School, Dallas, Texas" (M.Ed., 1967)
Anderson, Doris Singleton. "A Study of Academic Motivation of Culturally
Deprived Children" (M.Ed., 1967)
Anderson, Dorothy S. "A Study of Map Skills of Second Grade Pupils at
James R. Reynolds Elementary School" (M.Ed., 1966)

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