The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 81, July 1977 - April, 1978

Book Reviews

impulse that produced in Austin a city different than, say, Fredericks-
burg or San Marcos.
None of these books treat urban history in the manner of Kenneth W.
Wheeler's To Wear a City's Crown, and all could have profited from its
application. More research, organization, and application would have
been welcome. But their goals were different, and in that they are all
successes-and pleasant additions to the increasing bibliography on Texas
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art RON C. TYLER
Book Notes
Texas Reference Sources: A Selective Guide. (Austin: Texas Library As-
sociation, The Reference Round Table, I976. Pp. vii + 134. Preface,
text, index. $7.)
This thin volume is designed to be used primarily by librarians in helping
their patrons find what they need to know. Because the compilers saw this
work as a supplement to Constance M. Winchell's Guide to Reference Books,
they chose to use her basic code system, except that they have prefixed each
code with a "T" for Texas. The compilers plan to produce a revised edition
or a supplement in 1978 and solicit suggestions, additions, and corrections.
Although only pages 73-77 are identified as dealing with history, histor-
ical materials are found scattered throughout the volume under such diverse
headings as biography, genealogy, and religion.
It is unlikely that many non-librarians will want a personal copy of this
guide; however, they ought to be aware of its availability and plan to use
it in any library. Certainly every library in Texas should have at least one


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