The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 81, July 1977 - April, 1978

Affairs of the Association
The assurance of adequate financing for the Association remains the
matter of highest concern to the office. The state legislature severely
cut the University's budget for Organized Research, the channel through
which the University maintains the Department of Research in Texas
History, the Association's alter ego. The reduction means that the As-
sociation will lose a position in the 1977-1978 fiscal year. As yet we do
not know what effects the budget cut will have for the following
year. The Association's Executive Council has not yet determined
whether to undertake a large fund-raising project. Hopefully steps will
be taken in that direction during the coming year. Only with addition-
al funding will the Association be able to expand its programs, or, per-
haps, even maintain its present activities in the future.
The Association held a most successful annual meeting in Dallas,
March 3-5. The Dallas Historical Society hosted a beautiful reception
at the Hall of State for incoming president Ernest Wallace. We are es-
pecially grateful to John W. Crain and Joe M. Dealey, director and
president of the Society, respectively, for the reception. An estimated
800 persons attended the various functions of the Dallas meeting.
The Harry H. Ransom Memorial Auction of Texana netted more
than $6,ooo. Al Lowman and Lonn Taylor did an exceptional job with
the excellent material given by members and friends for the auction.
Dan E. Kilgore made the auction his special project during his presi-
dency. His effort paid off handsomely. The money received each year at
the auction is used to help fund the Association's various programs.
At the business meeting on Friday, March 4, the following officers
were elected for the year 1977-1978: president, Ernest Wallace; first
vice president, F. Lee Lawrence; second vice president, Ben H. Procter.
The members elected Ron C. Tyler and Robert A. Nesbitt to the Exec-
utive Council for three-year terms.

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