The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 81, July 1977 - April, 1978

A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in
Texas Studies, 1964-1974
Compiled and Edited by L. TUFFLY ELLIS and BARBARA J. STOCKLEY
theses and dissertations, previous installments of which ap-
peared in the October 1974, January-October 1975, January-October
1976, and January-July 1977 Quarterlies (Volumes LXXVIII, Num-
bers 2-4, LXXIX, Numbers 1-4, LXXX, Numbers 1-4, and LXXXI,
Number 1). The checklist, which includes work about any aspect of
Texas, regardless of field of study, commences with Texas graduate
schools, listing them alphabetically by schools and by students' names.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AusTIN-Perry-Castafieda Library-Aus-
tin, Texas 78712
Abbett, Claire Elizabeth Stanley. "William Early Jones: Early Texan"
(M.A., 1966)
Abbott, Patrick Leon. "The Glen Rose Section in the Canyon Reservoir
Area, Comal County, Texas" (M.A., 1966)
. "The Edwards Limestone in the Balcones Fault Zone, South-Central
Texas" (Ph.D., 1973)
Ables, Luther Robert. "Purposes of Texas Public Junior Colleges: An
Historical Approach" (Ph.D., 1970)
Abrams, Timothy Grant. "A Survey of Earth Slope Failures and Remedial
Measures in Texas" (M.S., 1972)
Acevedo, Mary Ann. "The Effect of Socio-Economic Level and Language
Background on Vocabulary Ability" (M.A., 1967)
Achalabhuti, Charan. "Pleistocene Depositional Systems of Central Texas
Coastal Zone" (Ph.D., 1973)
Adair, Joseph Brian. "Municipal Responsibility and Liability for Flood
Control within Corporate Limits" (M.B.A., 1973)
Adams, Charles Wynn. "The Economic Impact of the Port of Corpus Christi
on the Corpus Christi SMSA" (M.B.A., 1973)
Adams, Donald Pat. "Frank Grimes, 1891-1961: Historical Study of the
Life and Works of the Editor of the Abilene (Texas) Reporter-News"
(M.A., 1968)

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