The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 81, July 1977 - April, 1978

A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in
Texas Studies, 1964-1974
Compiled and Edited by L. TUFFLY ELLIS and BARBARA J. STOCKLEY
theses and dissertations, previous installments of which ap-
peared in the October 1974, January-October 1975, January-October
1976, and January-October 1977 Quarterlies (Volumes LXXVIII, Num-
bers 2-4, LXXIX, Numbers 1-4, LXXX, Numbers 1-4, and LXXXI,
Numbers 1-2). The checklist, which includes work about any aspect of
Texas, regardless of field of study, commences with Texas graduate
schools, listing them alphabetically by schools and by students' names.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN-continued from the October
1977 Quarterly.
Haase, Frederick Max, Jr. "Rainfall Patterns near the Upper Texas Coast"
(M.S., 1970)
Hairell, Melvin Lloyd. "The Politics of Committee Assignments in the Texas
House of Representatives" (M.A., 1971)
Hairston, Maxine Cousins. "The Development of George Sessions Perry as a
Writer of Rural Texas" (Ph.D., 1968)
Hale, Carl Wilton. "Local Development Planning: Local Subsidies in Texas
and the East Texas Sub-Region" (Ph.D., 1965)
Haley, Judith Faye. "Rb-Sr Geochemistry of Alkalic Igneous Intrusions,
Northern Trans-Pecos, Texas" (M.A., 1971)
Haley, Samuel Randolph. "Reproductive Biology of the Texas Ghost Crab,
Ocypode albicans Bosc (Decapoda: Ocypodidae)" (Ph.D., 1967)
Hall, William Douglas. "Hydrogeologic Significance of Depositional Systems
and Facies in Lower Cretaceous Sandstones, North-Central Texas"
(M.A., 1974)
Hamby, Kelly Dean. "An Analysis of the Utilization of the Mathematics
Laboratory in Texas High Schools"'(M.A., 1967)
Hamilton, Alexander Wallace. "Duties, Qualifications, Contest Participa-
tion, and Related Administrative Practices of Full-Time Public
School Music Educators in Texas" (D.Mus.Arts, 1969)
Hamlett, Samuel Barksdale. "Intergovernmental Relations in a Metropoli-
tan Community" (Ph.D., 1966)
Hammond, Weldon Woolf, Jr. "Ground Water Resources of Matagorda

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