The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 82, July 1978 - April, 1979

A Checklist of Theses and Dissertations in
Texas Studies, 1964-1974
Compiled and Edited by L. TUFFLY ELLIS and BARBARA J. STOCKLEY
theses and dissertations, previous installments of which ap-
peared in the October 1974, January-October 1975, January-October
1976, January-October 1977, and January-April 1978 Quarterlies (Vol-
umes LXXVIII, Numbers 2-4, LXXIX, Numbers 1-4, LXXX, Num-
bers 1-4, and LXXXI, Numbers 1-4). The checklist, which includes
work about any aspect of Texas, regardless of field of study, commenced
with Texas graduate schools and concludes with the following list.
The installment which appears below is made up of graduate schools
in the United States (outside of Texas) and in Canada. The schools are
listed alphabetically, as are the students' names within each entry.
THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY-Library-Washington, D.C. oo0016
Johnson, Charles Eyerdal, Jr. "A Comparative Analysis of Population Char-
acteristics as Indicators of Socioeconomic Status for Selected Ethnic
Groups in Five Southwestern States" (M.A., 1969)
Scheips, Paul J. "Albert James Myer, Founder of the Army Signal Corps: A
Biographical Study" (Ph.D., 1966)
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY-Library-Tempe, Arizona 85281
LaBounty, James Francis. "Materials for the Revision of Cichlids from
Northern Mexico and Southern Texas, USA (Perciforms:Cichlidae)"
(Ph.D., 1974)
AUBURN UNIVERSITY-Library-Auburn, Alabama 36830
Harrison, Denist Dewain. "A Study of Attitudes Held by Superintendents
and Principals toward Career Education in Texas" (Ed.D., 1972)
Malouf, Wadih J. "French Interests and Roles in the Independence of the
Texas Republic, 1835-1840" (M.A., 1971)
BOSTON UNIVERSITY-Mugar Memorial Library-771 Commonwealth
Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02216
Trusty, Norman Lance. "Massachusetts Public Opinion and the Annexation
of Texas, 1835-1845" (Ph.D., 1964)

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