The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 82, July 1978 - April, 1979

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the book are Calvert's straightforward impressions of Texas political
figures with whom he was personally acquainted dating back to Gover-
nor Pat M. Neff.
These memoirs are replete with personal anecdotes of political in-
trigue in Texas during Calvert's career. Admissible into evidence is his
description of a conference with Sam Rayburn during which Rayburn
expressed his concern to Calvert about the forthcoming Allan Shivers-
Ralph Yarborough 1954 governor's race. While Rayburn did not ap-
prove of Shiver's politics, neither did he want Yarborough as governor,
according to Calvert, and sought to persuade Calvert to run if Yar-
borough could be kept out. Since Calvert was then on the Supreme
Court, he declined Rayburn's proposal rather than risk defeat and lose
his place on the Court.
Some readers will regret that Judge Calvert did not devote more space
to the work of the 1973 Constitutional Revision Commission on which
he served as chairman and less to recounting of his judicial opinions
which are readily available in any law library. Altogether, his book is
readable and should be useful particularly to students of Texas politics
of the 1940s.
Tyler, Texas F. LEE LAWRENCE
The Big Thicket of Texas: A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.
By Lois Williams Parker. (Arlington, Texas: Sable Publishing
Corp., 1977. Pp. xi+225. Foreword, introduction, index. $22.50.)
The Big Thicket of Texas, the last frontier for much flora and fauna,
has been the subject of many books and articles, as well as legislation.
This long overdue revised bibliography is a welcome addition to all
Texas collections.
A native of the village of Thicket in the heart of the Big Thicket, the
author is now a resident of Beaumont and has been active in pushing
forward the "Big Thicket Bill." Ralph Yarborough, who wrote the
Foreword for the book, credits the first edition of 1970 for creating
additional interest in the bill. That edition's cover was a stunning color
photoof a sundew, one of the delights to be beheld in the Thicket.
The 1970 edition was only the beginning of the publicity. The latest
is a "revised bibliography of more than 2,200 items, well indexed and
identified." Yarborough calls it a "book for generations who love this
region, the outdoors, wildlife, plants and preservation of the wilder-


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