The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 85, July 1981 - April, 1982

Affairs of the Association
Your Association has had a good year. Our fund-raising efforts have
pushed us above the $405,000 mark as we end the fourth year of our
five-year drive. We expect to go over the top this coming year, and
hope that all members will join in supporting the Association in
reaching our goal.
This has been a banner year for the Association in the field of pub-
lications. In September the Association released Volume III of the
Cumulative Index of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, and
Texas Vistas: Selections from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly,
edited by Ralph A. Wooster and Robert A. Calvert. Texas history
professors in colleges and universities around the state are using this
collection of articles from the Quarterly as a supplemental textbook.
In December Terry G. Jordan's Log Cabin Village: A History and
Guide was published in cooperation with the Tarrant County His-
torical Society. The long-awaited Journey to Mexico During the Years
1826 to 1834, by Jean Louis Berlandier and translated by Sheila M.
Ohlendorf, Josette M. Bigelow, and Mary M. Standifer, made its ap-
pearance in January. This was followed in March by History Is My
Home, a three-roll audio filmstrip developed by Kenneth B. Ragsdale,
David C. De Boe, and Willard B. Robinson. History Is My Home, a
history of Texas architecture, was developed as a part of the Associa-
tion's educational program. Contours of Discovery: Printed Maps
Delineating the Texas and Southwestern Chapters in the Cartographic
History of North America, i513-1930, came off the press in June.
This handsome folio of twenty-two maps, eighteen of which are in
color, will enrich any Texana collection and will also be useful as a
teaching tool. J. C. Martin and Robert S. Martin are now preparing
a "Guide" to accompany the folio. In early July Archie P. McDonald's
The Old Stone Fort rolled off the press. This publication is the first
in a series of booklets that the Association will publish, to be sold
largely at museums.

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 85, July 1981 - April, 1982. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed September 2, 2015.