The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 85, July 1981 - April, 1982

Notes and Documents
William von Rosenberg's Kritik: A History
of the Society for the Protection of
German Immigrants to Texas*
Translated and Edited by Louis E. BRISTER
The Inaccuracy of the Article in Its Particulars with Reference to Nos.
128 and 129 of Der Auswanderer
British influence upon the Society; these charges will be refuted
in the next section. In this portion of my treatise I wish to focus atten-
tion on certain conspicuously erroneous statements in the aforemen-
tioned article.
No. 128, PAGE 7: It is incorrect when the Author writes: "The rush
for the first expedition was so great that a bonus of 00oo gulden was
paid to each emigrant who participated."
Such a bonus was never paid nor received. It is completely errone-
ous to think that Henry F. Fisher and Burchard Miller helped the
Society out of a dilemma and that the Society's contract was an ex-
tremely favorable one. That the very opposite was true has been dem-
onstrated in the previous section.
It is inaccurate to speak of a large land grant between the Colorado
and San Saba rivers. There was no outright land grant. The land in
the contract lies between the Colorado and Llano rivers and includes
the entire area of the San Saba.
PAGE 8: "Immediately the settlers began building. The first house,

*This is the second of a three-part serialization.

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