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... Opposite: Eugene C. Barker. Courtesy BTHC. Below: Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center

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... for the next fifteen years.25 During Barker's stewardship, it became clear that if the University wanted... of regents in 1911, and shortly thereafter he began a correspondence with Barker to protest what he felt... was the complete misrepresentation of the southern cause in the published histories of the United States.26 Barker... to preserve the historical materials from which her story could be written. The remedy, as Barker saw it... are as 'sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.' "27 Barker did not stop there. Over the next year he wrote

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... "A Work Peculiarly Our Own" Eugene C. Barker, Bullington and Haley maintained a close relationship... over the years.6 Bullington and other regents were especially appreciative of both Haley's and Barker... in honor of Eugene C. Barker. The Rainey affair created an environment conducive to such a proposal... in Barker's honor to help support the Texas Collection. Later that summer Bullington succeeded in persuading..., Bullington kept his promise and established the Barker Fund with a $2,500 donation of his own. The regent

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... ceremonies and officially dedicate the Old Library Building ... as 'The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center... to be featured as an exhibit in the opening ceremonies of the Barker Center.'" The Eugene C. Barker Center... of over $ioo,ooo, the Old Library Building included, on the ground floor, the offices of the TSHA, Barker... throughout." The stern image of Eugene C. Barker, "half sabre-toothed tiger and half St. Francis of Assisi....), The University of Texas Archives, 374-375. 74"Barker History Center Opens," The Alcalde, XXXVIII (June, 1950

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... at an annual TSHA meeting, Barker and Ramsdell asked him to come down to Austin to "do some of what you... are doing up there.""9 And Haley did just that. Reporting directly, and then only occasionally, to Barker... for purchasing the historical materials he found, Haley set out. Haley later recalled Barker's instructions... at it.' Especially Dr. Barker ... if you were worth hiring, he thought you ought to have some idea... of what ought to be done. Course he'd be happy to advise you."40 Actually Barker did give Haley some

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... . . . memorializing that great, rugged and gentle Texas [sic] Eugene C. Barker."67 The board's approval... of the recommendation to create the Barker Center and to locate it in the Old Library Building gave life to the center.... The possibility that Rainey might win election, coupled with hostility from the pro-Rainey faculty toward Barker... of the center, Barker wrote his friend J. Evetts Haley in January, 1946, "it is important to get a toehold... and character of Dr. Barker."69 Bullington responded by ordering Acting President Theophilus S. Painter

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... in Texas, and, most especially, Professor Eugene C. Barker, after whom the center had been named.2... history in the early twentieth century. With the creation of the Barker Center, the board of regents... regional history collections in the United States. While the official existence of the Barker Texas History... of the Barker Center. The actual creation of the center marked the culmination of over sixty years of effort... but allied departments is the story of the origins of the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center.3 2Carroll

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... of the newspapers were housed in the Archives.31 Eugene C. Barker's support of the Texas history collections went.... In 1920, for example, Barker played a key role in securing the collection of Ashbel Smith (1805..., 265-266. 32For examples of Barker's collection-development work, see Barker to Stevens T. Mason, Aug.... 7, 1922; Barker to R. H. Austin, Mar. 1o, 1923; M. L. Graves to Barker, Apr. 9, 1924, J. Evetts

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.... Among the projects funded in 1929 was one put forward by Eugene Barker for a state survey to locate... and acquire for the University historical material relating to Texas history. Barker requested $6,500 to pay a... the 1936-1937 application year.38 Barker selected J. Evetts Haley as collector to direct the project.... Barker had taught Haley at the University and knew of his experience as a collector of history materials...Barker's collecting project was not the only Texas history project funded by Rockefeller money. Others

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... portion of the faculty and student body.62 During this protest Barker came forward, with great reluctance... of the controversy would gravely damage the University, Barker actively opposed the pro-Rainey faction among... peace. While this position certainly won for Barker the enmity of many pro-Rainey faculty members...-standing relationship between Barker and J. Evetts Haley came into play. Haley, who also opposed Rainey, wrote a series.... Barker, 2o9 (quotation). Pool's biography of Barker discusses his involvement in the Rainey affair (see

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... of the history of Texas, including such basic works as Barker's The Life of Stephen F. Austin, Herbert Eugene..., articles, essays, genealogies, dissertations, and student papers. The history of the Eugene C. Barker... as the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center, the center remained there for only twenty-one years. A victim... to the far eastern edge of the rapidly expanding campus.75 Today, the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center... monument to Lyndon B. Johnson, the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center continues to serve its public

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..., 1828, Barker (ed.), The Austin Papers, II, 47-49, 51. 28Mier y Tcran to Austin, July 8, 1828, ibid., II... and had been appointed to the bench of Arkansas Territory, he did not consider himself a law)er. Barker..., Life of Stephen F. Austin, 24; "Stephen F. Austin's Commission as a Judge," July io, 1820o, Barker (ed...), The Austin Papers, I, Pt. i, 365-366. See also Barker, Life of Stephen F. Austin, 32-33, 101, 150-153, 156...; Austin to Josiah H. Bell, Apr. 16, 1829, Barker (ed), The Austin Papers, II, 205, 206. For a discussion

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... "A Work Peculiarly Our Own": Origins of the Barker Texas History Center, 1883-1950 DON E. CARLETON... was the formal opening and dedication of the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center. The new center brought... Historical * Don E. Carleton is director and Katherine J. Adams is assistant director of the Eugene C. Barker.... 24, 1950, University of Texas President's Office Records (Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center... Records at the Barker Texas History Center are currently controlled by two access files: a checklist

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... to see that this memorial to Dr. Barker becomes a reality." Subsequently, at the March meeting... Building's occupants and to begin rehabilitation of the interior.70 While Bullington, Haley, and Barker... should invite the TSHA and the Texas State Archives into the Barker Center. Bullington agreed... into the Barker Center could not alter that status. These terms were accepted by the board. The question...; "Resolution Concerning the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center," enclosed with Betty Anne Thedford

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... library training as the State Librarian, Professor Eugene C. Barker of the history department, a member... of the Texas State Library and Historical Commission, opposed the nomination on professional grounds. Barker... professors did "only fourteen hours of work a week, including preparation."'16 14Ferguson to Eugene C. Barker..., Feb. 20, 1915, Eugene C. Barker Papers (BTHC); Pool, Eugene C. Barker, 70-71. 15Benedict (comp.), A

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... structure built at the University of Texas. From 1950 to 1971 it housed the Eugene C. Barker Texas History

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... of University correspondence, the Archives be- 52Because of his close relationship with Barker, Haley... nevertheless retained a financial connection with the University. Barker arranged for the Littlefield Fund..., 1937, Barker Papers; Barker to Harry Y. Benedict, Nov. 17. 1936, Haley Papers (J. Evetts Haley History

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... dismissals. Barker was right when he wrote: "The President's recommendation was most unfortunate... of the governor said, "The State of Texas can get along without a university."35 33Barker to Dohmen, May 9, 1917... (first and fourth quotations); Barker to Vinson, Apr. 25, 1917 (second and third quotations), Barker

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... one no han procedido en estos casos. .. " Barker (ed), The Austin Papers, II, 47, 49 (quotation). 21...lAustin to Josiah H. Bell, Sept. 5, 1823, Barker (ed.), The Austin Papers, I, Pt. 1, 693; Civil... of Coahuila y Texas on Feb. 12, 1825. Barker, Life of Stephen F. Austin, 223 Austin's memorial... to the legislature through Baron de Bastrop, Dec. 22, 1824, Barker (ed.), The Austin Papers, I, Pt. 1, 996-997, 1,ooo

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... their place in one faction or the other. McLean charges that Eugene C. Barker deliberately ignored in his..., but Barker's chapter dealing with the dispute does stand firmly in the Austin camp. Margaret S. Henson...'s scholarly biography of Samuel May Williams is in keeping with Barker's interpretation, but makes no effort... F. Austin. Barker's work is now more than fifty years old, and while it will remain invaluable