The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 92, July 1988 - April, 1989

Affairs of the Association
The Association has had a good year, with a highlight being the ex-
cellent annual meeting, which was attended by more than six hundred
persons. Our programs continue to prosper, despite the lagging Texas
economy, thanks to the commitment of the officers and members of the
The Handbook of Texas
We were notified in September that the work of A. Frank Smith and
the Development Committee on our behalf had been quite successful
and that the Handbook of Texas project had received two large grants
from Houston foundations: The Fondren Foundation awarded us a
$250,000 grant, with $40,000 payable in 1987 and $30,000 payable
each year for the next seven years; and we received $250,000 from the
Brown Foundation, Inc. This brings to three the number of Handbook
volumes that we will be dedicating to individuals: Hugh Roy and Lillie
Cranz Cullen; W. W. Fondren; and George and Herman Brown. The
plaques for the Fondren and Brown foundations were dedicated at the
presidential banquet on March 4.
Work is continuing on schedule with the Handbook. We have now re-
ceived more than 7,oo000 acceptable manuscripts, which represent a sub-
stantial portion of the eventual total of 25,00ooo-30,ooo articles that we
expect to publish. We continue to have a substantial backlog in editing,
but we are taking steps to address that problem. We also need to in-
crease our rate of assigning articles to remain on schedule. We have
added a new sponsoring institution to the list of those helping us.
Abilene Christian University has undertaken the support of R. L. Rob-
erts, recently retired from the ACU Library, to research and write ar-
ticles that pertain to the history of the Church of Christ and the univer-
sity. Roberts will work from his office in Abilene.
Funding continues to be the most significant problem facing the
Handbook project-acquiring new funds as well as obtaining continued

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 92, July 1988 - April, 1989. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 18, 2015.