The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 92, July 1988 - April, 1989

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he was a natural storyteller with something worthwhile to tell. His
subtle flair for drama without romantic pretense makes the story en-
grossing and highly readable. His account of an Indian's daring rescue
of a settler's daughter from a raging prairie fire is both memorable and
Editor John Allen Peterson has allowed LeFors to tell the story by re-
taining for the most part the pace, spelling, and sentence construction
of the original manuscript. Also, extensive annotations by the editor,
H. Allen Anderson, and James Peterson provide appropriate context.
This handsomely designed book serves as an excellent primary re-
source for a period of Texas history that has been much neglected.
Texas Tech University DAVID J. MURRAH
Portraits of Conflzct: A Photographic History of Arkansas zn the Civil War. By
Bobby Roberts and Carl Moneyhon. (Fayetteville: University of
Arkansas Press, 1987. Pp. 242. Acknowledgments, introduction,
illustrations, appendix, notes, bibliography, index. $34.95, cloth;
$19.95, paper.)
Beginning with Francis T. Miller's ten-volume Photographic Hzstory of
the Civil War in 191 1, the popular affinity for viewing the nation's great
conflict through the camera's truthful lense has continued unabated.
Only during the last two decades, however, has scholarship on the sub-
ject reached truly serious levels. The analytical works of William Fras-
sanito on the major battles in the East, the National Historical Society's
massive Image of War series, William C. Davis's Touched by Fzre series,
and Lawrence T. Jones's superbly annotated portraits appearing in his
annual Confederate Calendar give undeniable testimony to the diligence
and enthusiasm of experts who have successfully catered to the ever-
growing demand for an accurate visual record of the Civil War.
In Portraits of Conflict Bobby Roberts and Carl Moneyhon have pre-
sented a highly appealing volume concentrating on the war's photo-
graphic legacy within Arkansas. Published in a large format and re-
producing over two hundred separate images, the text comprises eight
chapters, along with a short introduction on photographers working in
Arkansas and an appendix providing biographical information on sev-
eral dozen military and political figures. The state's preparations for
war, events in various sections and towns (especially Helena and Little
Rock), the naval war along the Mississippi and its tributaries, medicine
and the terrible effects of disease, and the vexation of guerrilla warfare
are subjects that receive particular attention from the authors. The
narrative itself and the detailed captions accompanying the photo-


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