The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 93, July 1989 - April, 1990

Affairs of the Association
The Handbook of Texas
With the addition of new staff members in September, work on the
Handbook of Texas has increased and our rate of completing articles has
improved tremendously. Managing Editor Doug Barnett reports that
we are maintaining a satisfactory pace in completing articles, but that
the number of new articles coming in has declined. We have now virtu-
ally disposed of the backlog of articles that we had accumulated and
will soon be out of material to edit unless the number of outside contri-
butions returns to its previous level. We anticipate that the new Hand-
book will contain approximately 26,000 articles, made up of biogra-
phies, histories of cities and counties, descriptions of physical features,
and various topical articles. As of April 31 we had completed more
than 6,500 articles, or more than 25 percent of that total.
In a continuing effort to see that the new Handbook meets the most
exacting scholarly standards, Jenkins Garrett appointed an advisory
committee last winter to oversee the staff's work and help make key de-
cisions as the project progresses. William H. Goetzmann of the Univer-
sity of Texas at Austin, Terry Jordan of UT Austin, and Randolph B.
Campbell of the University of North Texas agreed to serve on the com-
mittee and attended a meeting in February to review staff policies and
procedures. The committee offered advice on several procedural points
and affirmed that the Association should maintain the schedule to
finish the Handbook by 1995 if at all possible. It called on those authors
who have agreed to write articles for the new Handbook to do so as soon
as possible. The committee will continue to meet from time to time to
review progress and procedures on the new Handbook.
Handbook of Victorza County
Approximately two years ago the members of the Victoria County
Historical Commission approached the Association with a request that

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