The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 98, July 1994 - April, 1995

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Our membership is down slightly as of August 31. We have lost a total
of 255 members from cancellation or non-payment of dues, and we have
added 224 new members, for a net loss of 31 members. We are mailing
more Quarterlies because of our practice of sending copies to the mem-
bers of the legislature unless they ask us not to, so we show a gain of 64
members in the following list.
Student memberships 151
Regular memberships 2,011
Subscription agencies 432
Annual Sustaining 10o9
Annual Institutional to
Annual Supporting 11
Annual Patron 2
Sustaining (category frozen) 7
Honorary Life 18
Life 358
Life Patron (category frozen) 32
Annual Sponsor o
Gift 102
Foreign 35
Exchange 37
Complimentary 28
Complimentary to the Texas Legislature 18o
Total memberships as of Feb. 15 3,523
Total additions since August 24: 319
New members 224
Texas Legislature additions 95
Total drops since August 24: 255
From death and cancellations 13
From nonpayment of dues Oct. 1994 98
Jan. 1995 144
Net gain (Aug. 24-Feb. 15) 64
The 1993-1994 audit (on pages 643-653) shows that all of our major
funds have a positive balance. The three major funds that cover the bulk
of our activities are the Publication Fund (most of our books), the Hand-
book Fund (the New Handbook), and the General Fund (all other activi-



Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 98, July 1994 - April, 1995. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed June 1, 2016.

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