The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 100, July 1996 - April, 1997


Abercrombie, Maggie- on
Galveston, 340
Aberdeen, Lord: and British policy
toward Texas, 285, 287, 289,
Abilene, Texas: photography exhib-
it at, 94, shortline railroads in
area, journal noted, 395
abolitionism British, and Texas
annexation, 271-302
Abraham Lincoln and Men of War-
Tmes Some Personal Recollections
of War and Politics during the
Lincoln Administration. noted,
Acosta, Teresa Palomo: and New
Handbook, 242
Adams, Ansel exhibit includes, 247
Adams, H G, Sr.: Cowboy Hall of
Fame honors, 504
Adams, K. S.' 41, 43-44, 45
Adams, Wise: 354
Adcock, Betty. receives award, 97
Addams,Jane 55
Addington, Lord: and slavery in the
Republic of Texas, 289-291
Addison, Oscar M.. 336
Adobe Walls to StoneEdifice A
Sesqu centennial Pilgnmage of the
First Presbyterian Church of San
Antonio, Texas, I846-1995
noted, 508
African Americans: in Bartlesville,
Okla , McCarthyism and segrega-
tion of, 19-46, courtship letters,
article, 65-80, gender roles of,
76-79; Texas women, book rev,
121, 404-405; and Coke-Davis
election dispute, 138-139, 149,
desegregation of North Texas
State, article, 153-185, on the
frontier, book noted, 251; in
Corpus Christi, 313, 315; and
Galveston hurncane, 342; and
integration of Galveston beach,
354-355; book about Texas sol-
diers, noted, 386, in early W
Texas, 428, photography exhib-
it, 502, Buffalo soldiers, book
noted, 506, book about, rev,
509-510 See also Seminole
agriculture m Mexican Texas,
Alamin, Lucas and Coahula y
Tejas, governor's report to,
187-204, and Texas immigra-
tion policy, 277
Alamo, the- book about, noted,
to2, book about, rev, 107
Alamo Battlefield Association
Meeting: 1997 announced, 384
Alamo Remembered Tejano Accounts
and Perspectvwes, The: rev, 1o07
Albert, Carl" papers of, 389
Alexander, Charles. on Texas Klan,
Alexander, William- and Coke-
Davis election dispute, 135
Alexandria, Louisiana' and Texas
cattle trade, 478
Algren, Nelson. book of stones by,
rev., 125-126

Alias Frank Canton: noted, 250-251
Alter,Judy: essay on, noted, 246;
book rev by, 519
Alton, Texas: settled, 364
Alvin, Texas. Galveston highway
connection with, 52
America' Tea Room Movement in,
article noted, 94, art of the
prairie, exhibit, 390-391,
German artists in, dictionary
noted, 396 See also United
Americana: catalogue noted, 104
American Association for State and
Local History: book commended
by, 245; book award of, 386
American Association of University
Women (AAUW) and racism in
Bartlesville, Okla, 24, 26, 35
American Civil Liberties Union
(ACLU) and racism in
Bartlesville, Okla, 37-38, 44
American G.I. Forum: in Corpus
Christi, 321
American Legion: and racism in
Bartlesville, Okla, 19, 23, 29,
32-33, 40-43
American Library Association. and
racism in Bartlesville, Okla., 20,
29, 32, 37-38, 42, 44-45
American Library Association Bulletin:
and intellectual freedom, 45
Amerincan Quarter Horse Heritage
Center & Museum (Amarillo). B
Taylor exhibit at, 94; receives
awards, 94-95
Amercan Saga, An. noted, 395
American Sketch Book' on Galveston,
Ames, Jessie Daniel' and "Ma"
Ferguson, 4
Amon Carter Museum of Western
Art (Fort Worth)' O'Keeffe
paintings at, 105-106, photogra-
phy collection exhibit, 247;
American prairie exhibit at,
390-391; Easterly exhibit at,
501; Black Dignity exhibit at,
Ampudia, P6dro de and Goliad
prisoners, 229
Anadarko Indians in Fort Worth
area, 372
Anahuac oil field Monroe City
camp and, 389-390
Anders, Evan. book rev. by,
Anderson, Charles G ' book by,
noted, 396
Anderson, Penny 9go
Andrews, Anthony. 35, 40
Andrews, Stephen Pearl antislavery
crusade of, 290o-29
Angelina County. shortline railroad
in,journal noted, 395
Angelina River. cultural history of,
book rev, 262-263
Angelo State University. acquires
Winslow-Black papers, 393
Anthony, Susan B : 57
Apache Indians: and sense of place,
book rev, 407-408
Apache Life-Way TheEconomic, Social
& Religious Institutions of the
Chmrcahua Indians. noted, 394

Appalachia: B. Roberts pho-
tographs, 104
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.
whooping cranes at, 348
archaeology of the Southwest,
book rev, 116, and Cabeza de
Vaca, symposium topic, 384; dig
atJ de Urrea campsite, ment,
384, TAS and Mission Espiritu
Santo de Zuniga, 503. See also
Texas Archeological Society
architecture: 1893 World's fair, 53,
54; of Fort Worth, book rev.,
125, Victorian, in Galveston,
Ardines,Jos: 447
Ansta, Manrano and contraband
trade, 437
Aristocrats of Color The Black Elite 66
Arizona: sheriffs of, book noted,
Arizona Temtory min the Civil War,
book rev., 401-402
Arkansas NAACP and higher edu-
cation m, 164
Army Official Records. published
on CD-ROM, 503-504
Arnold, Ripley: and establishment
of Fort Worth, 362, 364-373,
375, and Fort Worth Indian raid,
Arnold-Walden Institute S. Brady
at, 52
art: exhibit of B. Taylor prints, 94,
graphic design, TAM award for,
94-95; El Paso Museum of,
receives grant, 97-98; G
O'Keeffe collection at Carter,
10o5-1o6; B M611hausen's Grand
Canyon watercolors, book rev,
110-111, F Remington exhibit,
246-247; of Plains Indian, semi-
nar, 383, of the American
prairie, exhibit, 390-391; Palo
Duro Canyon painting discussed,
392, dictionary of German artists
in America, noted, 396; F
Reaugh exhibit, 501; daguerreo-
type, Easterly exhibit noted,
501-502; Mack, Hoppe, Dozier,
Spellman, Elliott exhibits noted,
502; Indian baskets, exhibit
noted, 503
Association for Conservation
Information. presents awards,
Atkins,Joe Louis. photograph of,
152, and desegregation of North
Texas State, 155, 168-176, 185
Atkins, Mable" 168
Atkins, Willie. 168
Audubon,JohnJames in
Galveston, 348
Augur, Christopher C : and Coke-
Davis election dispute, 138-141,
Austin,James: reports to S.F. from
Saltllo, 190
Austin, Stephen F . colony of,
meant , 189-190, 203, stance on
slavery and annexation,
274-278, Brazos River land of,

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 100, July 1996 - April, 1997. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 28, 2016.

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