The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 102, July 1998 - April, 1999


Acosta, Teresa Palomo" book rev.
by, 256-257
Adair, John: and J. Long's fillbus-
tering expedition, 326, 337-338
Adams, David B. book rev. by,
Adams, Glenn. and Fort St. Louis,
Adams, John Quincy. and Adams-
Onis Treaty, 323-342; painting
of, 330, and J. Long's filibuster-
ing expedition, 330, 332
Adams, Katherine: 487
Adams-Onis Treaty and J Long's
filibustering expedition to
Texas, 323-342, and Louisiana
Purchase, 325-326; and slavery,
Africa: G. Perry and WWII,
African Americans: slave clothing,
book rev., 115-116, Dallas ceme-
teries for, 163-165, 169-170,
173-174, 175, 184; in Texas cot-
ton culture, book noted, 234,
folklore of, J. Brewer and, 236;
in Texas cotton culture, book
rev, 254-256, farmers, in Wash-
ington County, 277, 278, 279, in
Jeff Davis County, and Republih-
can Party, 3o9, and Reconstruc-
tion, book rev., 416-417; In the
West, bibliography rev ,
417-418, H Flipper, memoirs
rev., 418-419, and post-Civil
War Republican Party, 452-453
See also Buffalo Soldiers
African Americans in the West A Bblih-
ography of Secondary Sources: rev,
Agricultural Adjustment Act' and
rural gentrification, 269-270
agriculture: Southwest cotton, In-
ternet site, 228; gentnficauon of
Texas, 269-293, coastal, Bermu-
da grass and, 281, 289; exhibit
noted, 520 See also cotton, gen-
trification, rural
Aguayo, Marquis de San Miguel
de- and Fort St Louis, 31, 42
Aigron, Captain: and La Salle expe-
dition, 21
Aimable (ship): and La Salle's can-
nons, 21, 42-43
Akers, Charlene. 230
Alabama-Coushatta Indians, The. In
Polk Co , book rev, 253-254
Alamo An Illustrated History, The.
rev, 399-400
- , battle of. news of fall, and
constitutional convention, 15; J.
Ewing and, 93; Mexican ac-
counts of, book noted, 243-244,
E. Harkort on siege of, 354,
359-360; H Ehrenberg and,
379; J. de la Pefia diary of,
391-395, 516-517, artifacts of,
exhibit noted, 395; images illus-
trating, book rev., 399-400
Alba, Alihca Gaspar de: book by,
noted, 24o
Alexander, Stanley G.: 188-189

Alexander William Doniphan. Portrait
of a Missouri Moderate: rev.,
Allen,J. B.. book by, wins award, 99
Allen,John: 56
Allen, John Logan. book ed by,
rev., 406-407
Allen, Martha Mitten' article by,
noted, 389
Almaraz, F6lix D, Jr.: and National
Trails System, 226; and Texas
histonc trails, 389
Almonte,Juan N.: L. de Zavala and,
Alonzo, Armando' book by, noted,
Alpine, Texas- residential segrega-
tion in, article, 295-32o; estab-
lishment and early history of,
296; Catholic Church in early,
297, 313; town plat of early, 298;
ethnic composition of, 301
(table), 306, buffalo soldier in,
303; property ownership in ear-
ly, 303. 311 (table); photograph
of early, 304, 308; racial Inter-
marriage in early, 305, political
influence of Mexicans In,
308-309; school segregation in,
309-310; occupations in early,
310 (table), 311; social orgamza-
tions in early, 316-317, Mexi-
cans of, and WWI, 317
Alsatian-Texans. and Civil War, 454
Alter,Judy" story by, wins award, 99
Alvarez de Toledo, Jos6: and
Magee-Gutierrez expedition,
Ambler,Jerry. 387
Amelia Island affair. and J Long
expedition, ment, 331
Amenca Hstory and Life on World
Wide Web, 390
America Without Borders/America Sin
Fronteras. noted, 239
American Quarter Horse Founda-
tion: historical marker of, 94
Amon Carter Museum of Western
Art (Fort Worth): E. Smith ex-
hbit, rev., 118-12o; Masterworks
photography exhibit, noted,
386; "Self-Taught Artists" exhib-
it, noted, 386; W. S. Mount ex-
hibit, noted, 517; acquires J
Onderdonk painting, 518; pub-
lshes children's book, 518
An Editor's View of Early Texas. Texas
in the Days of the Republic as Depict-
ed in The Northern Standard. rev.,
Anderson, Nancy K. book by, wins
award, 98-99
Andrews, Edmund' E. Harkort and,
348, 349, 350, 353, 367
Andrews, Gregg. book rev. by,
Andrews, Isabella: E. Harkort and,
349, 350, 353. 354-355, 370
Angell, Robert H.: book by, noted,
Angelo State University West Texas
Collection at, 233
Anti-Saloon League: and Texas pro-
hibition, 59, 6o

Apache-Land 432
Apollo (sloop): E. Harkort men-
tions, 372
Arapaho Indians: book about, not-
ed, 242
archaeology: and La Salle's can-
nons, article, 19-43, of Mustang
Island, lot; and Dallas cemeter-
ies, 164, 175, 179-180, 183;
Southern Plains and Argentine
Pampas, exhibit, 229g; of Palo Al-
to battlefield, book rev.,
Archeological Survey and History of
Mustang Island State Park, Nueces
County, Texas noted, ot1
architecture- photography, W D.
Smith and, 97-98, Cite (Hous-
ton) noted, 242-243
Arizona Historical Foundation:
Sacks collection at, f.423
Arizona State University, Hispanic
Research Center. conference,
Arizona Weekly Star on H Ehren-
berg, 433
Arkansas and the New South,
1874-1929. rev, 259-260
Arkansas River Valley: settlement
of, book rev, 536-538
Arlington Citizens-Journal: photo-
graphic collection, 98
Armbrister, Ken and Fort St. Louis,
Armstrong,James- 172
Army of Tennessee: Germans in,
Arnold, Barto. and La Belle, 37
Arnold, Watson C.. book rev. by,
art: book award for, 98-99; cowboy,
223, 519, Taos Art Colony cen-
tennial, 227, Chicano, book not-
ed, 24o; history of Texas, book
rev, 264-265, Carter Museum
exhibits, noted, 386, new period-
ical for, Tex', 388; W S Mount
exhibit, 517; Carter Museum ac-
quisitions and publications, 518;
E. Borein exhibit, 520, I Robin-
son exhibit, 520o, G. Borglum,
book rev., 533-534 See also ar-
chitecture, photography.
Askew, Rilla" book by, wins award,
Attention, Fool! A Crewman of the USS
Houston Survives Its Sinking and
Japanese Death Camps in Burma.
rev., 419-420
Aus Mejscansschen Gefangnissen.
Bruchstrick aus Eduard Harkorts
hinterlassenen Papseren, 345
Austin, Benjamin. E. Harkort and,
Austin, Stephen F empresario con-
tract, L. de Zavala and, 4-5, 7,
9-10, 12, 13-14; E. Harkort and,
347, Cantrell biography of, 384
Austin, William Tennant: E. Harko-
rt and, 350
Austin, Texas' temperance tour at,
50-51; photograph exhibit on
early, 95-96; book about, rev.,
257, rural gentrification around,

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 102, July 1998 - April, 1999. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed November 28, 2015.