The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 104, July 2000 - April, 2001

Texas State Historical Association
Style Guide and Information for Contributors
State Historical Association is the oldest learned society in the state.
Our mission is to foster the appreciation, understanding, teaching, and
publication of the rich and unique history of Texas.
The Southwestern Historical Quarterly is the oldest scholarly journal in
Texas, continuously published since 1897. The Quarterly brings the latest
and most authoritative research in Texas history to a wide audience of
history lovers and scholars. Since the Quarterly can only publish approxi-
mately sixteen articles each year, it is our editorial policy to publish orig-
inal research on Texas history topics that have the greatest historical sig-
nificance and the broadest reader interest.
As the oldest scholarly press in the state, publishing its first volume in
1917, the TSHA continues to produce a variety of books on exploration,
biography, history, culture, architecture, historical sites, and many other
topics. The association publishes approximately six books a year.
The following is an abbreviated style manual intended for use by con-
tributors to the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and authors submitting
book manuscripts. We also suggest that potential authors refer to previ-
ous issues of the Quarterly and examine our books to get a sense of the
format and style used. For any other questions, authors should consult
the Chicago Manual of Style. If authors are citing unusual sources, they
should contact the publications department for assistance.
Southwestern Historical Quarterly:
Authors are requested to submit four copies of their manuscripts to
the editor. If authors wish the editor to return their manuscripts, they
should also enclose a self-addressed envelope large enough to accom-
modate the materials, with sufficient postage affixed. The title of the
article should appear on the manuscript, but in order to facilitate our
peer-review process, the author's name should appear on a separate

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 104, July 2000 - April, 2001. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 27, 2016.

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