The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 105, July 2001 - April, 2002


Abbott, Olyve Hallmark. book by,
noted, 516
Abbott, W C and judiciary selec-
tion, 441
Abernethy, Francis E book by,
rev, 390-391, new Fellow, 670
Accidental Ambassador Gordo rev,
Acosta, Baldomero, 645, 646
Adair-Steadman site C Tunnell
and, 146
Adams, David Wallace 619
Adams, George Rollie book by,
rev, 707-708
Adams, Kate 500
Adams, Robert Carter exhibit not-
ed, 514
Adelsverem T Specht on, 83
African Americans WWI, Ger-
many's rumored plan for, 79,
freed blacks during Vicksburg,
126n, Dallas's Hamilton Park,
book rev, 177-178, unionism in
the South, book rev, 178-179,
plantation culture, book rev,
375-376, on frontier, book rev,
376-377, desegregation in
Houston, book rev, 377-378, in
Texas, bibliography rev, 378-
379, folk art traditions of, sym-
posium, 499-500; In Oklahoma,
book rev, 541-542, in baseball,
639, 642, 647, 652-653, 658,
Chicago race riot, 650 See also
Buffalo Soldiers, segregation,
African Americans on the Western Fron-
tier rev, 376-377
agriculture. in early Parker County,
304-305, Texas cotton farming,
book rev, 520-521
"Aguayo" map, the Alamo Vista on,
211, 215-218, 220, 245, pho-
tographs, 213, 215, provenance
of, 229-236, Alamo Plan on,
Alabama-Coushatta Indians federal
recognition of, 24, 27, 28, 30-35
Alamo, the J Sanchez Navarro's
account and drawings of, article,
207-253, DAR and rums of, 2og,
J Sinchez Navarro's Vista, 211,
213 (photograph), 215 (photo-
graph), 216-219, 228-229, J
SBnchez Navarro's plan of, 221
(photograph), 228-229, 237,
245-249, 249-253, Pefia's ac-
count of, forensic study of, arti-
cle, 255-291; Travis letter on
exhibit, 360; history of, book
rev, 367, history forum at, 499,
H McArdle painting of, exhibit
noted, 512, two survivors of, 518,
Pefia diary and, book rev, 546-
547, L Rose's escape from, 670-
671, Travis's speech at, 670-671,
movie versions, 671
Alamo An Illustrated History, The
Alamo Images 210
Alamo Journal and Jos6 Juan
Sanchez Navarro journals, 240,

Alamo Story From Early Hstory to Cur-
rent Conflicts, The rev, 367
Alamo, The (film) 671
Alamo the Prce of Freedom (film).
Albany, Texas C. and S Caldwell
and, 664
Aldndge,W H 71
Alessio Robles, Vito andJ Sanchez
Navarro, 216-217, and Jos6 Juan
Sanchez Navarro Papers, 230-
231, 237
Alexander, William and New Mexi-
co Campaign, 336n
Allen, Raye Virginima book rev by,
Allende, Ignacio J Sanchez Navar-
ro and, 227
Allihson (tropical storm) 150-151
All Pueblo Indian Council and
recognmtion of Tiguas, 33
Allred, James photograph noted,
Along Route 66 rev, 171-172
Alonzo, Armando speech noted,
Altrock, Nick 643, 648, 659, pho-
tograph, 637
Alvarez, P Miguel 217
Alvin, Texas Santa Fe depot in,
and segregation, 403 (photo-
graph), 422
Amarillo, Texas railroad depots at,
and segregation, 404
Ambrose,Jay 35
America ThePeople's Game 641
American Association for State and
Local History (AASLI-I). Awards
Program announced, 507-508
American Indian Portraits Elbradge Ay-
er Burbank in the West (exhibit)"
American Indian Symbols (pamting)
on exhibit, 160-161
American Studies Association- con-
ference, 668
Americans View Their Dust Bowl
Experience rev, 385-386
Amon The Texan Who Played Cowboy
forAmenca. rev., 387-388
Amon Carter Museum (Fort
Worth). reopens after expan-
sion, 159-160, American Indian
Symbols on exhibit at, 16o-161,
new director of education, 361,
acquires "The Freedman" (sculp-
ture), 362, exhibits noted, 514-
515, new exhibits at, 676-677
Anderson, Adrian textbook by,
ment, 487
Anderson, Charles G book by, not-
ed, 166, 683-684
Anderson, Clinton 28
Anderson, Gary Clayton book by,
rev, 533-534
Anderson,John' 360
Anderson, Richard H and ascent
of Popocatepetl, 565-572
Andrew, Rod, Jr book by, rev,
Andrist, Ralph K. book by, noted,
Angelo State University acquires
H Harte papers, 162, Chase

West Texas Collection at, new
acquisitions, 681
Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of
Texas 630
Anschutz Collection, the book
about, rev, 389-39o
anthropology in Southwest, book
rev, 535-536
Antietam Campaign, The rev, 192-
Antone, Haywood his biography of
T Lea, 9
Apache Gold and Yaqui Salver Tom
Lea illustrates, 2
Apache Indians, Mescalero' San-
tana of, book rev, 540-541
Apodaca, Raymond D 29, 33
Appleton, Thomas H, Jr book ed
by, rev, 38o-381
Aransas Pass, Texas' baseball team
in, 655
archaeology C Tunnell and,
144-150, Fort St Louis project,
159, excavation of the Denbigh,
356-357, Granado Cave excava-
tion, 364, in Southwest, book
rev, 535-536
architecture Texas houses and
published designs, book rev,
170-171, regional influences in
Texas, book rev, 171-172, at
Winedale, 359-360, N J Clay-
ton and Galveston, book rev,
523-525, L Gilpin's pho-
tographs of, exhibit, 676-677,
Texas heritage, TxCOPAR and,
Arcola, Texas Santa Fe depot at,
Anista, Ariano J Sanchez Navarro's
map under command of,
214-216, 229
Arizona Zimmermann telegram
and, 74
Arizona Territory, Confederate de-
clared, 337n
Arkansas Post book about, rev,
Armbnster, Ken 355
Armstrong, James and judiciary se-
lection, 436-437
Arnold, J Barto, III 686, and exca-
vation of the Denbigh, 357
Arnold, Morris S book by, rev,
Arriolo, Gus book by, rev,
art J F Doble on Southwest, 12,
Amon Carter collection,
159-160, Alamo drawings, arti-
cle, 207-253, American West-
ern, W Goetzmann and, 344, E
A Burbank's Indian portraits,
355-356, "The Freedman"
(sculpture), Amon Carter Muse-
um acquires, 362, African Amer-
ican plantation material culture,
book rev, 375-376, dictionary
of Texas artists, rev, 388-389,
Western, the Anschutz Collec-
tion, book rev, 389-390, African
American, symposium, 499-500,
Texas crafts exhibit, noted, 500,
H McArdle online exhibit, 512,

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 105, July 2001 - April, 2002. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed July 29, 2015.