The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 107, July 2003 - April, 2004


Abbott, Anthony S.: article ed.
by, 279-311
Abernethy, Francis E book
by, rev., 476-478
Acheson, Dean. 82
Acosta, Teresa Palomo: book
by, rev., 347-348
Adams, Andy: 469
Adams, Inez Sterling. gallery
dedicated to, 110o-111
Adams South Texas Historical
Gallery, Inez Sterling: dedi-
cated, 110-111
Adcock, Betty. 611
Adobe Walls: The History and Ar-
chaeology of the 1874 Trading
Post: noted, 121
Adorno, Rolena: book ed. by,
rev., 615-617
African Americans disfran-
chisement of, book rev.,
144-145; women and the
West, book rev., 629-
Afncan-American Women Con-
front the West, 160oo-2000oo:
rev., 629-630
agriculture. and Confederate
foundry, 567-568
Ahayath Sholom Congrega-
tion (Fort Worth). 405,
413, women min, 407
Ainsworth, Len. book ed. by,
rev., 349-350
Akers, John: book rev by,
148-149, 627-628
Alamo, the: book about, rev,
131, 617-618,A De Zavala
and, 241; book about, not-
ed, 469-470
Alamo An Epic Told from Both
Sides, The rev., 131
Alamo Reader A Study in Hstory,
The rev., 617-618
Alamo Traces (Lindley). noted,
Alexander, Marcus- 392, 403
Allardice, Bruce S.: book by,
noted, 330-331
Alloway, David: 330
Almon, Bret book by, rev.,
Almonte, Juan N " at San Jacin-
to, 580
Along Forgotten Rzver Photo-
graphs of Buffalo Bayou and
the Houston Ship Channel,
1997-200 rev., 355
Alphonse, Larry: 392
Alpine, Texas. See Museum of
the Big Bend (Alpine)
Altamira, Marquis de: 14
Alvin Wrtz: The Senator, LBJ,
and LCRA" rev., 147-148

Amarillo, Texas- early airport
at, 555
Amberson, Mary Margaret
McAllen: speaks at Book
Festival, 317; book by, rev,
Amencan Airlines: beginnings
of, 549
American Association for State
and Local History: book
and exhibit awards an-
nounced, 116
American Legion Post 78
(Jasper): and Freedom
Documents Fund, 467
American Reform Judaism. pi-
oneer congregations and,
Amon Carter Museum (Fort
Worth). K. Bodmer exhibit
at, 115; and Archives of
American Art, 328-329;
and Fort Worth art collect-
ing, 435-436
Anderson, J. A.: 561
Anderson, Ken book by, rev.,
Anderson, Mary: 446
Anderson, Robert" 76
Andrews, L. S.: 545-546
Andrews, Ten: 466
Andromeda Nebula- article
about, 163-199; constella-
tion map, 180; photo-
graph, 189
Anthony, George- 98
anthropology: and Indians,
book rev., 125-126
Apache Indians: adoptive rela-
tionships of, 37; trade in
captives, 38
Apostolic College of Zacatecas
and Mission Rosario, 211
archaeology: investigation of
San Fernando Cathedral
(plan), 24, Texas archeolo-
gy month, 116; Texas, a
guide, book rev., 129-130,
battle of San Jacinto, sym-
posium, 462; Denbzgh exca-
vation, 467
architecture San Fernando
Cathedral, article, 1-33,
Colonial Revival move-
ment m U.S., 249; H. P.
Smith and San Antonio,
253; of Spanish Governor's
palace, 253-277; Ruffini
exhibit, 319; of Fort Worth
Opera House, 422
Archives of Amencan Art
(Smithsonian): Amon
Carter and, 328
Archuleta, Elizabeth: book rev.
by, 125-126

Argelander, Friednch: 19o
Arnzona Goes to War" The Home
Front and the Front Lines
During World War II: rev.,
Arkansas: Civil War and Re-
construction in, book rev.,
Armstrong Foundation: and
Freedom Documents
Fund, 467
Arnold, Catherine Bryant.
fight to get widow's pen-
sion, article, 361-387,
rootless existence as wid-
ow, 374, death of, 382
Arnold, George: book by, rev.,
Arnold, Ripley" widow of, and
U S pension system, arti-
cle, 361-387; and found-
ing of Fort Worth, 362; mil-
itary career of, 362-364,
children of, 363, 376-377,
381-382; feud with J.
Steiner, 364-365; his tem-
per, 364, death and burial
of, 365; Fort Worth hon-
ors, 366
Arpa,Jose 109, 251
Arredondo, Gabriela F." book
ed. by, rev., 633-634
art: Cheek collection of Texas,
109-110; A P Proctor's
Texas sculptures, article,
219-237; S. M. Gaines and
early collecting in Fort
Worth, article, 435-456;
the Fort Worth Circle of
painters, 436. See also the-
Ashcroft, Bruce- book rev. by,
astronomy S Andromedae, ar-
ticle about, 163-199;
comets, 171-174; the plan-
et Vulcan, 174-177;
eclipse of the sun, photo-
graph, 175; Venus transit,
177-179. See also Androm-
eda Nebula
August, Alphonse 392, 400,
August, Larry: 392, 393, 400,
Austin, Texas. TSHA meets in,
0og9, 314; Jewish congrega-
tions in, 391; early aviation
in, article, 535-557; first
airplane to land in, 535,
536 (photograph); Penn
Field in, 535; first air cir-
cus at, 540, first airmail
plane lands m, 545-546;
first passenger service in,

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