The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 84, July 1980 - April, 1981

Affairs of the Association
The Association held its eighty-fourth annual meeting in Austin on
March 6-8. Although the attendance was quite good, close to 6oo, regis-
tration was down about Ioo from the previous year. Over the past year
most major historical society conventions have seen a rather sharp
drop in attendance. Our twenty-two sessions were very well attended,
however, perhaps reflecting a change in attitude about attending the
sessions on the part of those who registered.
The program committee (Jim B. Pearson, chairman; Felix D.
Almaraz, Jr.; Larry D. Hill; David B. Gracy; and William Griggs) was
very successful in bringing together a group of fine historians who pre-
sented excellent papers. The program was enriched by the presence of
members of six other learned societies who met jointly with the
The business meeting on Friday afternoon was very well attended.
Association members approved changes in the Constitution that limit
to four consecutive years the time a member may serve on the execu-
tive council unless elected to officer rank. Other approved changes in
the Constitution include increasing the size of the council by two
members and shortening to one year the time to be served by former
The nominations committee (Dan E. Kilgore, chairman; Alwyn
Barr; John W. Crain; Roger N. Conger; and Archie P. McDonald)
presented the slate of nominations. The following officers were elected
for the year 198o-1981: president, Ben E. Pingenot; first vice presi-
dent, Marilyn McAdams Sibley; and second vice president, J. P. Bryan,
Jr. Robert A. Nesbitt and Ron C. Tyler were reelected to serve three-
year terms on the council.
John H. Jenkins, III, a council member since 1977, resigned. His
letter of resignation was received by President Ben H. Procter at the
executive council meeting on Thursday afternoon, March 6. Accord-
ing to the Constitution the council fills the unexpired term of a coun-

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