The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 29, July 1925 - April, 1926

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

While various aspects of the problems involved in this study have
been treated elsewhere, it is a valuable contribution since it brings
together all the elements in the expansion of Texas to fill in k
certain definite boundary. It also presents in a connected way the
consistency of Texas, in spite of frontier conditions and partisan
politics, in planning to accomplish its ends.
The author has carefully examined the known sources and has
thoroughly annotated his study, and the conclusions he has reached
are entirely in accord with the authorities. A good classified
bibliography, and an index, and several well executed maps are
included. The reviewer noted no errors of fact nor any due to
careless proofreading.
Westward The Course of Empire: The History of Texas From
Exploration to Annexation in a Sequence of One-Act Plays.
By Mary Matlock Griffith. (The E. L. Steck Company,
Austin, 1925.)
This little book presents the heroic phases of Texas history in a
series of dramatic flashes. It is based on painstaking study, and
the episodes are chosen with true appreciation of the essential
factors in the making of the period. It is not, and does not aspire
to be, a history text, but it is a successful attempt to express the
historical spirit of the period vividly and veraciously. Judging
from the frequent requests that come to me for pageant material
on Texas history, there is a demand for such a book, and it should
meet, as it deserves, a welcome reception.


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