The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 30, July 1926 - April, 1927

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

joying the reputation of the 3d. However under the direction
of Colo Purdy and afterwards under Major Gilran that part of
it stationed usually in the Neighborhood of Orleans became dis-
tinguished for its appearance and acquaintance with duty. Its
officers and soldiers were most from the Western States which
certainly grows as fine a race of men as any section of the globe.
The 39th Regt. of Iy had greatly distinguished itself in Gen-
eral Jackson's last action with the Creeks. At that time the
ability of its Colo and Lt Colo had made it a very respectable
'corps but the short enlistments made of its first recruits and the
unhealthy situation, Mount Vernon, assigned it in the spring of
1814 came so near completing its dissolution that it made no
great figure afterwards.
The 44th ly had just been organized. The officers were prin-
cipally from Louisiana. At the time genl Jackson assumed com-
mand it had not more than 200 men one half of which had been
recruited in Tennessee.21
Five Artillery companies mostly incomplete composed the Bal-
ance of the Regular force then in the Dist. They were all of the
old army and well versed in duty.
2Baker and Dupuy had enlisted a part of the 44th Infantry in Ten-
nessee and had marched their men half the width of Tennessee and the
length of Alabama.


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