The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 30, July 1926 - April, 1927

Boole Reviews

Work and Play: The ancestry and experience of Richard Justin
McCarty. Privately printed, Kansas City, 1925. P. 253.
The McCartys are of Virginia parentage. Richard Justin
McCarty was born at Clarksburg in 1851. Joseph McCarty, his
father, went to Kansas City in 1855 to engage in merchandising.
In 1859 he removed to Sabine Pass. The blockade closed his
store, and an outbreak of yellow fever in September, 1862, caused
him to remove his family to Washington County. Chappell Hill
was the home of the family most of the time thenceforth until
the death of Joseph McCarty, July 10, 1877. The author tells of
his father's cotton business during the war and of his experiences
as a cotton planter after the war. During those years the author
attended school at Independence and Chappell Hill, Texas, and
the University of Virginia. After graduating at Virginia in June,
1871, he spent two years with railroad surveying parties. He
returned to the University and graduated in civil engineering in
June, 1875. Most of his life since that date has centered at Kan-
sas City, where Mr. McCarty was connected with the street rail-
ways, and later with the railroads that connected that city with
the Southwest. W.
The Creative Arts in Texas: A handbook of biography. By Goldie
Capers Smith. Cokesbury Press, Dallas, 1926. P. 178.
Biographical sketches of nearly two hundred living Texans are
reviewed in about one hundred fifty pages. The sketches are
grouped: 47 poets, 5 playwrights, 11 novelists, 11 short-story and
feature writers, 20 writers of essays and belles lettres, 8 historians,
6 collectors and compilers, 23 musical composers, 9 sculptors, and
51 artists (mostly painters). The book appears to have resulted
from the editor's interest in Texas writers. But the addition to
available material on this subject is not large. Fortunately the
material regarding musicians, sculptors and painters is nearly all
presented for the first time in collected form. When a second


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