The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Sideligtts and Supplehatets ow the Perote
[The following is a continuation of material on the Perote
Prisoners, the last section of which appeared in the April, I967,
Another prisoner liberated in courtesy to Thompson and actu-
ally Thompson's companion in leaving Mexico in April, 1844,
was Ludovic Colquhoun, identified by Green as a Virginian.
Colquhoun was a draftsman who made copies of maps of the
country between Vera Cruz and the City of Mexico for the benefit
of those who escaped from the castle.
Petersburg [Virginia] Feby 7th, 1844
His Excellency
General Jackson
Hearing that you have great influence with General Santa Anna,
induces me to take the liberty of entreating you to use your in-
fluence to get a beloved brother (Ludovic Colquhoun) released who
is now a prisoner at the Castle of Perote. It would be useless to
trouble you with a repetition of the sufferings of the prisoners;
as I feel confident that you must have heard of them. Suffice it to
say his business at San Antonio, at the time of his capture was,
merely: to get a proper title to some lands granted by the Govern-
ment of Mexico.
His inducement in going to 'Texas was to enable him to assist his
mother sister and widowed sister (who now addresses you) and
family. He has ever been the most affectionate disinterested &
kindest of human beings. As the difficulties and dangers through
which he has gone in 'Texas will fully prove. He is an only son
and brother and the only one to whom his mother and I and my
children had to look up to for protection and comfort, so you
may judge of our feelings when we think of what he has already
suffered and continues to suffer in Mexico. He has just recovered
from a severe illness and the fear of a relapse makes us more
anxious for a speedy release. Ohl if you can assist us & will do

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