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Not Now

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966

Book Reviews

narrative. Most of those selected are irrelevant to the story being
told, and only distract the reader.
The price of the book will militate against its wide circulation,
which, in view of its merits, is a shame. Those who love Christ
Church congregation or its beautiful house of worship, those who
delight in the history of early Houston and Texas, and those in-
terested in the intimate details of the inner life of a local congre-
gation in years gone by will enjoy this book.
Episcopal Theological Seminary
of the Southwest
Camp Colorado: A Decade of Frontier Defense. By T. R. Havins.
Brownwood (Brown Press), 1964. Pp. 199. Maps, illustra-
tions, index. $5.00.
Professor Havins states that he undertook this work many years
ago to do justice to the United States army personnel after
another book had been published extolling the Texas Rangers.
The volume is a succinct, well organized account of United
States military activities in the region radiating around Camp
Colorado in Coleman County. Instead of writing a dead, dehy-
drated account, Havins intersperses his narrative with lively inci-
dents which make the history come alive as dry facts never can.
He begins with a description of the terrain and its aboriginal
inhabitants. Then follow detailed accounts of campaigns carried
out in the area, such as that of Major Earl Van Dorn. The ill-
fated Dove Creek Civil War campaign is rehearsed in its melan-
choly and tragic overtones.
There is a bibliography at the end of each chapter. A map in
front and back add interest and information to the reader. Alto-
gether Professor Havins has added a solid, creditable chapter to
frontier history. I shall treasure my copy highly, as will, I am
sure, all collectors of prized Texana. KENNETH F. NEIGHBOURS
Midwestern University
Great American Cattle Trails. By Harry Sinclair Drago. New
York (Dodd, Mead and Company), 1965. Pp. xxi+274. Illus-
trations, notes, bibliography, index. $5.oo.
Trailing cattle to market, eighty to one hundred twenty years


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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