The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966

Book Note


kool Note
James S. Maverick has edited diaries of his father's journeys
in A Maverick Abroad: Foot Travels in England and France, 1876
(San Antonio, Principia Press, 1965) . In May, 1876, Albert Mav-
erick boarded a ship bound for England, on his way to spend sev-
eral months in Europe. During the first months of his trip, actu-
ally beginning in April in the eastern United States, he kept a
diary recording his experiences in some detail. He arrived in
Liverpool in mid-May, and walked from there to London and
then on to Dover, which town he left in mid-July on his way to
Paris. Though he spent over half a year in the French capital, his
recordings of only the first days' stay are extant and included in
this volume.
Maverick was a keen observer and even better, when coupled
with that virtue, he had a wonderful sense of humor. Besides, he
was not bashful about speaking his mind, to the diary anyway.
All of that adds up to a great deal of pleasureful, as well as inter-
esting reading. For example, on one occasion the somewhat home-
sick Texan rented "the best horse in London" for a two-hour
ride. The animal was "a melancholy, poor old stiff-legged nag,
who looked like the last of pea time," and it was not long before
Maverick admitted to himself, a little embarrassed: "Suppose
Janie 8c a whole crowd should meet me at the next turning. I'm
sure they would die laughing."
The ninety-seven pages of diaries give some insight into this
San Antonian's character through his reaction to a different world.
Though unfortunately lacking an index, the book yet provides
a delightful way to spend an hour or so.

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