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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

131 as Masons. He then lists eighty-one "unchartered" schools,
showing sixty-eight of the ninety-one teachers as Masons. On
this evidence he concludes that "education in Texas prior to
1861 owes more to Freemasonry for its development than it does
to any other source."
This book is a major contribution to a period of Texas history
which has been somewhat neglected. Frederick Eby in his "In-
troduction" points concisely to the importance of this contribu-
tion. The 681 footnotes, the twenty-three page bibliography, the
seventy-six page index, and the fourteen illustrations add to the
authenticity of the book. JAMES M. DAY
Texas State Archives
Touched With Valor. Civil War Papers and Casualty Reports of
Hood's Texas Brigade. Written and Collected by General
Jerome B. Robertson. Edited and With a Biography of
General Robertson by Colonel Harold B. Simpson. Hills-
boro (Hill Junior College Press), 1964. Pp. xv+126. Illus-
trations, bibliography, index. $5.95.
This book is the work of one of the tireless band of Civil War
scholars in Texas. Colonel Harold B. Simpson, first known for
his efforts to form Civil War Round Tables from Germany to
Texas, has added another volume to his growing bibliography.
In this case, he has edited a number of materials which relate to
the Confederate service of Brigadier General Jerome B. Robert-
son, who led the noted Hood's Texas Brigade longer than any
other commander.
Four groups of materials form the volume: a brief biography
of Robertson, his "Civil War Papers," casualty lists of the brigade,
and other appended items which pertain to that distinguished
Confederate unit. Unfortunately, the biographical sketch of Rob-
ertson is brief, only twenty-three pages in length. Since previously
so little was known concerning his long career of service to the
Republic of 'Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the
State of Texas, it is unfortunate that the author was not able to
enlarge this biographical portion of the work.
The section devoted to the "Civil War Papers" of Robertson
is composed of fifty-one items including letters, reports, petitions,
and notifications of promotion which reveal much information


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 4, 2016.

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