The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966

rexas Colletion
Yuletide season copies of a Harold Bugbee sketch de-
picting a snow covered Western Christmas with the com-
ment that:
His rugged living often belied the true character of the man
who settled the early West. For beneath his weathered exterior beat
a heart of kindness, gentleness and compassion.
Discomforts of distance and weather were of small concern when
a child's faith needed nurturing.
Thus it was that Christmas bundles most often were delivered
to a frontier youngster, not by reindeer, but by horseback ... and
not by Santa, but by another kindly man with whiskers.
The letters of J. Frank Dobie to the editors and executives of
Little, Brown and Company, publishers, are presently being
loaned to the University of Texas. The letters of the Texas
folklorist, teacher, and author began in 1938 and continued over
a period of more than twenty-five years, until Dobie's death in
1965. The correspondence was in connection with his numerous
books about Texas and the Southwest published by Little, Brown
since 1939, which will be kept in print in perpetuity. Dobie's
latest book, Rattlesnakes, a collection of rattlesnake lore told with
his inimitable blend of wisdom and humor, has just been pub-
lished by Little, Brown.
The Dobie letters will be placed in the J. Frank Dobie Room
on the fourth floor of the Academic Center.
On December 11, the Travis County Historical Survey Com-
mittee conducted a pilgrimage to place markers on the three
sites of buildings once housing the county government.
The National Historical Publications Commission has awarded
an initial grant of $15,141 to the University of Texas Archives

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 69, July 1965 - April, 1966. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 30, 2016.

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