The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 71, July 1967 - April, 1968

Affairs of the Association
The past year of the Association has been an active one, a year in
which a good portion of the staff members have gotten their feet wet
for the first time in this type of work. All in all we believe that we
took more steps forward than backward, and that the stage is set for
bigger and better doings in the 1967-1968 year.
In his "State of the Association" message, "History Looking Ahead:
the Present and Future of the Texas State Historical Association"
(January, 1967), your director presented a view of the aims, purposes,
and directions of the Association. Here we will bring you up-to-date
on the affairs of the Association.
A glance at the statement found at the end of this report will indi-
cate the improvement in the Association's finances. The result, a net
gain of $30,919.95, shows the vigor of your Association.
The most notable change in the staff was the resignation of Mrs.
Coral H. Tullis, the Association's beloved secretary-treasurer for forty
years. Before her departure on May 1, Mrs. Tullis initiated Terry Ward
into the complexities of the Association's finances. In January, Eldon
Branda joined the staff as a research assistant to work on the Quarterly.
With the closing of the academic year, we lost three of our young,
pretty secretaries, Susan Parks, Betty Bage, and Barbara Going. Candy
Cowley is our new office secretary. Charles Duval, Charles Hanus, and
Carl Zimmerman have joined the staff for the summer months to as-
sist with the Handbook.
During the past year serious efforts were made to have the Associa-
tion represented at as many local, state, and national meetings as
possible. This has kept a number of us on the road at various times.
Your director did double duty on his job, and the writer attended a
half dozen meetings. Ken Ragsdale has done an excellent job in the

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 71, July 1967 - April, 1968. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 27, 2016.

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