The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 71, July 1967 - April, 1968

Book Reviews

Painting in Texas, the Nineteenth Century. By Pauline A. Pinckney.
Austin (University of Texas Press for the Amon Carter Museum
of Western Art), 1967. Pp. xx+232. Illustrations, appendix,
bibliography, index. $15.00.
In 1940 Pauline Pinckney's American Figureheads and Their Carvers
was published by W. W. Norton and received enthusiastic reviews as
an unusually competent and attractive book. An important piece of
work in the field of art development, its clear presentation made it
interesting for general reading. In December, 1967, Texana enthu-
siasts in particular and the reading public in general received a beau-
tiful Christmas package in Miss Pinckney's Painting in Texas, which,
like Figureheads, contributes to interest in the American tradition as
well as filling a gaping hole in any library's holdings on the fine arts
in Texas.
The Amon Carter Museum, founded for the "studying and docu-
mentation of westering North America," has again given distinguished
and appropriate service to Texas history and art in its encouragement
of Miss Pinckney and in its sponsoring the exhibition of portraits,
genre and historical paintings, and prints depicted in the book. The
volume contains 129 reproductions, twelve of them in color.
With persistence and energy the author has fitted her subjects into
their time and milieu, using a chronological arrangement. Their
Texas, in the middle fifty years of the nineteenth century, was a place
of nationalistic and ethnic challenges in a geography characterized by
extremes-from forest to desert, from prairie plain to mountain. No
brief review of the book's contents could compete with the superb
summary and evaluation in the introduction by Jerry Bywaters.
Slight inaccuracies such as an uprising against the yoke of Napoleon
I in 1849 (p. 75) and giving Houston more than one gubernatorial
term (p. 141) are offset by general excellence. The chapter headings
are felicitous: Provincial Texas; Gentlemen of the Brush; Image of
the West (including pictures by William Tylee Ranney); Artists
on the Go and the Panorama Decades; European Influx: a Medley

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