The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 71, July 1967 - April, 1968


Abasola, Juan Antonio, 503
Abbey, R. B., 199
Abbott, Larry, 110
Abernethy, Francis Edward:
pamphlet by, reviewed, 650-
Able, N. H., 164, 177
Aceves, Fernie R.: paper by,
noted, 155
Acoclame Indians, 483
Adair, A. Garland: resolution
on, 156
Adair, Hugh Donald, 290
Adams, Andy, 52, 62; paper on,
noted, 155
Adams, J., 176
Adams, Jefferson Davis, 27
Adams, Larry Earl, 489
Adams family: papers of, 520
"Address to the Democracy of
Texas" (speech), 850
Adkins, Dave, 33
Adriance, John, 167, 172
Aerospace industry, see National
space program
Affleck, I. D.: book edited by,
noted, 149
Affleck, Isaac Dunbar: article
on, noted, 122
Affieck, Thomas, 167, 179
Agena Target Docking Vehicle,
894, 395, 396, 413, 416; pho-
tographs of, 408-409, 417
Agnew, Theodore L.: book re-
view by, 4683-464
Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Texas, see Texas
A&M University
Aguaclaras, Presidio of, see
Sacramento, Presidio of
Aguayo, Marquis de, 544; expe-
dition of, 593n; map by, 499
Aguirre, Pedro de, 549
Aguirre, San Buenaventura de,
Airplanes: Bleriot-type of, pho-
tograph of, 243
Akins, William C., 622
Alabama: role of, in space pro-
gram, see National space pro-
Alamarez, Felix Diaz, Jr., 116
Alamo Plaza (San Antonio):
thesis on, noted, 292
Alarc6n, Martin de, 548-553
Aldrich, Nelson W., 872n
Aldrin, Edwin A., Jr., 896, 404;
photograph of, 416; quoted,
Alexander, A. M., 175
Alexander, C. C., 174

Alexander, Charles C.: book by,
reviewed, 129-130; book re-
view by, 655-656
Alexander, Drury Blakeley: book
by, reviewed, 460-461
Alexander, G. A., 179
Alexander, Stanley G.: pam-
phlet by, reviewed, 650-651
Alexander, Thomas B.: book by,
reviewed, 637-638
Allen, Grace Louise, 116
Allen Parkway (Houston), 230
Allen's Landing Park (Hous-
ton), 229
Alliance Trust Company of
Dundee, 10n, 14, 17-18, 25
Allison, Jefferson, 179
Allred, B. W., 62
Allred, R., 175
Alphand, Herv4, 184-185
Alpine, Texas: Capital of the
Big Bend Country, 118
Altamira, Marquis of, 489
Alvarez, Manuel: book by, re-
viewed, 307-309
Alvarez, Mary Rita, 624
Amangual, Francisco, 495
Ambler, J. Richard: book note
by, 148
American Cattle and Trust Com-
pany, 57
American Cotton Company: in
round bale controversy, 200,
203-204, 207, 211-215
American Cotton Growers Asso-
ciation, 204
American Education in Transi-
tion, 435
"American Horse" (sculpture),
American Indian Historical So-
ciety, 620
American Institute of Aeronau-
tics and Astronautics, 113;
award of, 113
American Round Bale Press Co.
v. Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Fe Railway Company, 215,
216, 217, 220, 222, 223
American Round Bale Press
Company, see American Cot-
ton Company
American Thought in the Twen-
tieth Century, 435
American West: A Reorienta-
tion: reviewed, 641-642
America's Western Frontiers:
reviewed, 303-304
Ames Laboratory (Palo Alto,
California), 891
Analysis of Sources of Informa-
tion on the Population of the
Navaho: noted, 320

And Promises to Keep: The
Southern Conference for Hu-
man Welfare, 1988-1948: re-
viewed, 469-470
Anderson, Frank E., 218n
Anderson, John Q., 437; pam-
phlet by, reviewed, 650-651
Anderson, Monroe D., 218n
Anderson, Reuben, 178
Anderson, Clayton & Co., 218-
214, 224, 225
Anderson, Theodore, 435
Andy Adams: Storyteller and
Novelist of the Great Plains:
reviewed, 650-651
"Annapolis of the Air," see
Pensacola Naval Air Station
Annexation: thesis on, noted,
Anthropology Research Center
(Southern Methodist Univer-
sity), 436
Apache Indians, 483-484, 509,
542, 555-556, 558-559, 587-
588, 595; in Arizona, 29; San
SabA Mission founded for,
Apollo I, 397
Apollo project, see National
space program
Aranama Mission, see Nuestra
Sefiora del Espiritu Santo de
Zufiiga Mission
Arbingast, Stanley A.: book re-
view by, 467-468
Arbuckle, Maclyn, 74
Archeology: in Arkansas, ar-
ticle on, noted, 119
Archer County: thesis on, noted,
Architecture: in late nineteenth-
century Houston, photographs
of, 281-246
Archives: article on, noted, 630;
ecclesiastical, in New Mexico,
538, in Texas, 527, in Cali-
fornia, 585: of the Indies
(Spain), 527; of Mexico City,
national, 527; of New Mexico,
618; of northern Mexican
states, 527; Spanish and Mex-
ican, article on, 517-541
Archives of the Archdiocese of
Santa Fe, 1678-1900, 5883
Archivo Municipal de Hidalgo
del Parral, see Parral, Mex-
ico: archives of
Arellano, Pedro Ramires de,
see Ramirez de Arellano,
Arizona: archives of, 535-536;
cattle industry of, article on,
26-36; George Crook's cam-

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