The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 72, July 1968 - April, 1969

Affairs of the Association
The affairs of your Association during the year 1967-1968 have been
multitudinous. The outstanding innovations have been the changes
in the Quarterly format, the cosponsoring of the Chisholm Trail Cen-
tennial Museum Car, and the holding of the annual meeting at San
With the July 1967 issue of the Quarterly, we inaugurated a change
in the format. The most noted changes in each issue include a four-
color reproduction of a southwestern theme painting and the use of
photographs to create a pictorial historical folio. Another change,
although standardized for each issue, is the new title page, also with a
four-color reproduction of the original design for the rotunda floor of
the Texas capitol. The changes, together with a superior quality of
paper, naturally increased the cost of the Quarterly, but they have
also resulted in increased circulation and highly favorable criticism
from coast to coast. Both Dr. Frantz and I have received numerous
comments at national historical meetings as well as by correspondence
on the excellence of the Quarterly.
We have been most fortunate during the past year in having a fine
selection of quality articles. The two topical issues, July and April,
of volume 71 were well received, and we are planning to continue
with one or two topical issues each year.
Work on the Quarterly has been facilitated immeasurably by the
assistance of Wayne Cutler who has done a fine job of helping to
improve the quality of your journal. Roderick B. Patten and Karen
S. Collins, former research assistants, were also of great help.
The museum car was a sizeable undertaking and an entirely new
venture for your Association. Ken Ragsdale of our staff worked very
closely with experienced museum men from the Kansas and Oklahoma
historical societies, cosponsors for the railroad car furnished by Santa
Fe Railroad to commemorate the centennial of the Chisholm Trail.

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