The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 73, July 1969 - April, 1970

Book Notes 139
Historical Atlas of New Mexico. By Warren A. Beck and Ynez D. Haase.
(Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1968. Pp. 135. References,
illustrations, index. $4.95; Paper, $2.95.)
The authors, a geographer and a historian, have produced a most useful
work, with large, easily read maps backed by interesting explana-
tions. The items are well arranged to locate early towns, forts, pueblos,
cattle trails, railroads, and stage coach lines. The researcher can trace the
Spanish explorations, military operations in both the Mexican and Civil
wars, and various shifts in boundaries. The atlas includes material on
the state's past and present resources and its parks and forests, as well as
changes in its political organization.
Perhaps the atlas would be of service to more historians if the authors
had identified the principal land grants that played such an important
role in the territory's history. Some researchers may regret that it does
not include more of the early mining and lumber towns. But it is a
valuable work, and a boon to both scholars and laymen interested in this
fascinating area.
University of Texas at Austin JIM B. PEARSON

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