The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 73, July 1969 - April, 1970

Affairs of the Association
As the Association moves into its seventy-third year, greater em-
phasis is being placed on its publication program and the Junior
Historian movement. On the basis of work done during the past year,
we are anticipating significant advances in the months ahead in these
two facets of the Association's affairs.
The long-awaited third volume of the Handbook is scheduled to be
published in the late fall. This project has had many setbacks, but
with the return of Eldon Branda from the Paisano Ranch last Febru-
ary to supervise its completion, publication is now in sight. He is
being assisted in the closing months by Mary Shields, Karen Wilson,
Steve Jackson, Liz Kaderli, and Philip Fry. Great care is being given
to insure an outstanding volume.
Barbara Stockley, formerly of the University of Texas Press, joined
the staff in December as book editor. She is now editing four of the
Association's forthcoming books: W. Curry Holden's The Espuela
Land and Cattle Company; Walter Prescott Webb's Talks on Texas
Books, edited by Llerena Friend; William C. Pool's Eugene C. Barker,
Historian; and Nancy Barker's The French Legation in Texas, Vol. I.
These four volumes will, hopefully, be out within a year, and with
the Handbook, will make their mark in the field of Texana.
The most important activity of the Association last year was the
cooperative effort, authorized by the Executive Council in San An-
tonio at the 1968 annual meeting, with the University of Texas Press
that resulted in the publication of the first four books in the Texas
History Paperback Series. The long-range educational effect of such
a program that provides for the best in Texana to be made available
at minimum prices to the widest possible reading group is bound to
be enormous.
As the years pass, the Association will publish books long out-of-
print or beyond the financial ability of many schools, students, and
history readers. The Executive Council voiced its confidence in the
paperbacks by authorizing another $i 2,ooo to be placed in the fund

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