The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 73, July 1969 - April, 1970

Book Notes

Clearly presented and well-indexed, this slim volume represents the
kind of compilation that should be made available for other census years.
University of Texas at Austin KARL AMES
The Texas State Capitol. Edited by Robert C. Cotner. (Austin: Pemberton
Press, 1968. Pp. vi+95. Illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index.
In this age of fading gratitude, when deadly acts would delete history
from our schools, this carefully documented record of the Texas State
Capitol is most refreshing. It clarifies many aspects of the problems and
arguments in the preparation for and construction and completion of
the Texas state house.
The intriguing labor tactics involved in the building's construction offer
a fascinating study for today's contractor or industrialist. Acceptance of
the State Capitol by numerous authorities, including the state attorney
general, James S. Hogg, provides entertainment and a fascinating play of
human nature.
Truly, the "Tour of the Treasures" reveals them all. Nothing is over-
looked. As one who spent much of forty years escorting visitors from the
basement's wealth to the "goddess's" feet (2,3oo in one day), my hat is
off to the "Guide" of The Texas State Capitol.
May obstructors of this building's grandeur be reincarnated with vision.


Austin, Texas


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 73, July 1969 - April, 1970. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed November 29, 2015.