The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 73, July 1969 - April, 1970

Book Reviews

Latin American Newspapers in United States Libraries: A Union List.
Compiled by Steven M. Charno. (Austin: University of Texas
Press, 1968. Pp. xvi+619. Bibliography. $20.0o.)
Seventy libraries out of some eighty-six known to have Latin
American library holdings or area studies programs contributed to
the compilation of this valuable union list. It contains locations within
the United States of some 5,500 Latin American titles for the twenty
Latin American republics and Puerto Rico.
The holdings for the twentieth century are more extensive than
those for the nineteenth but for most countries the earlier century
is well represented. Generally titles for the revolutionary period and
the early independence period are shown to be more available than
those for the later years of the nineteenth century.
One third of the volume is devoted to the holdings of Mexican
titles. Argentina and Bolivia rank next with forty-four pages each.
The number of pages is not always indicative of the number of titles,
however, for Argentina is represented by 300 titles, 1 o of which show
location for only one issue; whereas the Bolivian listing shows 644
titles of which I85 are for only one issue.
Frequently titles listed are not those of newspapers but rather
those of magazines or journals and official gazettes, because some
reporting libraries did not follow the definition included in the
original questionnaire. Therefore, anyone using this guide should not
assume that the listings of holdings for titles are comprehensive for
even the reporting libraries. It is unfortunate that the cooperating
institutions were not informed of the change in guidelines before the
work was published in order that the reporting could have been com-
prehensive on all titles listed.
The arrangement is by country, then by city, then alphabetically
by title. The volume has a useful selected bibliography on Latin
American periodical literature arranged also by country. It has no
index of titles.
Researchers and librarians will find this work an excellent reference
tool for locating holdings on the titles reported here.


University of Texas at Austin


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