The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 87, July 1983 - April, 1984

Book Reviews

fornia Boys" on New Mexico. Miller's engrossing tale of the veterans
would serve as an excellent example of how traditionally dreary and
boring doctoral dissertations can be rewritten and made interesting
and at the same time retain a wealth of factual data.
Although Miller confines herself to New Mexico, the regional con-
tributions of the "Column Men" could have been presented for a
wider audience. Biographical data on such "Column Men" as the rail-
roading pathfinder of the San Juans, Otto Mears, or that Radical
Texas Republican, James P. Newcomb, would have made a welcome
addendum to the book. The California Column in New Mexico is a
well-written and welcome addition to the literature about the territory
and belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the history of
the period.
Laredo Junior College JERRY THOMPSON
Printer in Three Republics: A Bibliography of Samuel Bangs, First
Printer in Texas, and First Printer West of the Louisiana Pur-
chase. By John H. Jenkins. (Austin: Jenkins Publishing Com-
pany, 1981. Pp. 19o. Biographical sketch, acknowledgments, key
to location symbols, reference works, appendices, index. $15.)
Descended from a long line of printers, Samuel Bangs, son of Samuel
and Hannah (Grice) Bangs, commenced his career as an apprentice
printer in 1811 to his Boston uncle, Thomas G. Bangs. Various dates
have been given for his probable birthdate. Jenkins gives his age in the
summer of 1816 as "about seventeen" (p. 9), although in two earlier
publications he stated it to be "about 15." The truth is, he is not sure
of Bangs's birthdate. On February 16, 1819, at Monterrey, Bangs gave
his age as twenty-one (Spell, 41); and, if this be true, he was no "teen-
ager" in 182o when assigned, as a prisoner, by General Joaquin de
Arredondo to do printing in Nuevo Le6n (Jenkins, lo-11).
Jenkins has dedicated his book to the "memory of Lota M. Spell"
(author of Pioneer Printer: Samuel Bangs in Mexico and Texas, Aus-
tin: University of Texas Press, 1963), upon whom he has relied heavily
for biographical and bibliographical data. He has added o6 new
items to the Spell chronological listing of Samuel Bangs's publications,
with full descriptions of each item, and shows copy locations of a num-
ber of items for which Spell found none, as well as additional loca-
tions of other items. This is the real contribution of the current work.


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