The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 87, July 1983 - April, 1984


Aberle, David F.: 293
Abernethy, Francis E.: 309
Acadian General: Alfred Mou-
ton and the Civil War: rev.,
Acadians: and Britain inci-
dent, 358-359, 362-366
accountants: 423
Account of Expeditions to the
Sources of the Mississippi
and through the Western
Parts of Louisiana, The: 204
acequia, San Jose: identifica-
tion of, 196
Actress (ship) : 243
Adair, Link M.: 203
Adams, Lawtie: 299
Adams, Robert: book introduc-
tion by, rev., 328-329
Adelsverein. See Verein zum
Schutze deutscher Einwan-
derer in Texas
Adkins, Mrs. Ward N.: 303
Advisory Council on Historic
Preservation: 305
"Affairs of the Association":
by L. Tuffly Ellis, 117-121
Aggies and the 'Horns: 86
Years of Bad Blood and Good
Football, The: rev., 846-347
Agnew, Brad: book rev. by,
agriculture: in Collin County,
Aguilares, Texas: 275, 276
Aguilares Plain: 272
Ainslee's Magazine: 371
Alabama: Texas immigrants
from, 164-165
Alamo Iron Works: 304
Alazan-Apache Courts, (San
Antonio) : article about, 123-
150; number of occupants in,
141; tenants' association in,
148-149. See also Alazan
Courts; Apache Courts
Alazan Courts (San Antonio) :
article about, 128-150; as
first San Antonio public
housing development, 139;
and Father Carmelo Tran-
chese, 124; location of, 189;
size of, 139, 140; completion
of, 141; cost of, 141; pictures
of, 142-144; requirements for
residence in, 145; rents in,
146-147, 149; improved
health at, 148-149, 150; life
style in, 150. See also Alazan-
Apache Courts
Alazan Creek (San Antonio):
Albany, Texas: student journal
in, 413-414
Albany High School: 304
Alberts, Don F.: 70
Albright, Frell: 800
Aldrich, Nelson: 67
Alexander, Blake. See Alexan-
der, Drury Blakely
Alexander, Drury Blakely: 411
Alexander, Edmund B.: 34
Alfred C. Finn, Builder of
Houston: A Catalogue of the

Drawings of the Firm in the
Houston Public Library/
Houston Metropolitan Re-
search Center: 417
Alfred Jacob Miller: Artist on
the Oregon Trail: rev., 325-
aliens, Mexican. See Mexican
Allen, (judge): and
prizefighting, 54-56
Allen, Zach: 193
Allman, Pierce M.: 303
Allred, James V.: and LBJ,
62; election of, 63; Edward
A. Clark serves under, 72
Alpine, Texas: archival ma-
terial about, 71
Alpine Chamber of Commerce:
Alpine High School: 304
Amana community. See True
Inspiration Congregation of
Amarillo College: 84
American Association for State
and Local History: and Na-
tive American Archives Proj-
ect, 199; publications by,
215; and independent study
program, 412-413
American Association of Petro-
leum Geologists: 75
American Bar Association: 300
American Diaries (Vol. I) : 214
American Exploration and
Travel Series: 422
American Historical Associa-
tion: organizes conferences,
American Indian Library Asso-
ciation: 199
American Institute of Aero-
nautics and Astronautics:
American Institute of Archi-
tects: 412
American party: in Thirty-
sixth Congress, 168 n. See
also Know-Nothings
American Planning Associa-
tion: 86
American, Space: Meaning in
Nineteenth-Century Land-
scape Photography: rev.,
Ami des lois et journal du
commerce, L' (New Or-
leans): 260
Amigo's Mission Trail (board
game) : 212
Amigo's Mission Trail Coloring
Book: 212
Amon Carter Museum of West-
ern Art (Fort Worth): IR.
C. Tyler at, 192; and C. E.
Watkins exhibit, 213-214;
tours of, for deaf visitors,
200-201; photographic acces-
sions of, 403
Anahuac Indians: and peyote,
Anders, Evan: book by, rev.,
Anderson, Adrian N.: book
rev. by, 229-280

Anderson, Mrs. Ben M.: 303
Anderson, Bruce: 304
Anderson, Charles G.: 318
Anderson, Mildred: 319
Anderson, R. S.: 301
Anderson, Texas: Fanthorp
Inn at, 205
Anglo-Americans: as home
owners in San Antonio, 126;
as landlords in San Antonio,
126; furniture of, 202; manu-
scripts relating to settlement
of, 402
Anglo-Hispanic relations: ar-
ticle about, in late eighteenth
century, 357-370; after
Treaty of Paris (1763), 357;
and Britain incident, 858,
368, 370
Ankrim, Joel L.: 18, 34
annexation, Texas: and Tex-
ans' nationalism, 159
Apache Courts (San Antonio):
article about, 123-150; and
Father Carmelo Tranchese,
124; cost of, 141; completion
of, 141; improved health at,
148-149, 150; life style at,
150. See also Alazan-Apache
Apache Creek (San Antonio):
Apache Indians: and peyote
269 n., 278
Arapaho Indians, Southern:
269 n.
Arceneaux, William: book by,
rev., 106-108
archaeology: THC awards re-
garding, 203; at Caddoan
Mounds State Historic Site,
architecture: domestic, and
woman's role, 386-887; nine-
teenth-century, in Louisiana
and Texas, 397-398; centers
for study of, 410-411; in
Drawings Collection, UT,
411; and HABS, 412
archives. See Society of Ameri-
can Archivists; Texas Archi-
val Network
Archivo General de la Naci6n
(Mexico City) : 208
Archivo Hist6rico de Hacienda
(Mexico City) : 208
Archivo Hist6rico del Hidalgo
del Parral (Chihuahua): 208
Arena, The: 890
Arizona: colonial records from,
Arizona Council for the Hu-
manities: 190
Arizona Historical Society: 190
Arksey, Laura: 214
Armendiriz, Manuel: 11-12
army, Confederate: article on,
noted, 823; books on, noted,
214, 419
army, U.S.: effectiveness of,
on frontier, 163; and frontier
economy, 163
Sixteenth Infantry,
Company F: 322
Arnold Junior High (Hous-
ton): 194

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