The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 89, July 1985 - April, 1986

In Memoriam: Fred Holmsley Moore

that give them life: strength, generosity, wisdom, achievement, vi-
sion. Such a man was Fred Holhnsley Moore (19o9-1985), honorary
life president of the Association. To all who knew him, Fred Moore was
a man against whom others were measured. In life, he was a deeply
valued friend and advisor. In memory, he will be a constant symbol of
excellence and courage.
A lifetime of achievement in industry, education, and philanthropy
carried Mr. Moore from the plains of Texas to the canyons of New York
City, yet he always returned in spirit and body to his beloved native
state. Mr. Moore often noted how much lie owed to his pioneer Texas
ancestors, but he repaid his ancestors and his native land in full mea-
sure. He has left us an unmatched legacy of service and leadership. We
are all in his debt.
Born November 2, 19o09, Fred Moore was a native of Comanche,
Texas, and the proud descendant of four pioneer Texas families. As a
boy he listened attentively to his relatives' accounts of life on the Texas
frontier. There began his lifelong interest in and commitment to his-
tory. He had a store of delightful and moving stories about his remark-
able ancestors. He told of a great uncle who had been an Indian fighter
and could get young Fred to do anything by promising to show him the
arrow wound in his shoulder. To Mr. Moore Texas history was as real
and personal as his great uncle's scar. He felt that we had to study and
understand our past if we were to be responsible citizens in our own
Mr. Moore's lifelong dedication to education began in his native state.
He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology from Texas Techno-
logical College in 1930 and an M.A. degree from the University of Vir-
ginia in 1931. He attended Yale University's Graduate School of Geology
from 1931 to 1933 and participated in the Advanced Management Pro-
gram at Harvard Business School in 1951.
In 1933 Mr. Moore was employed as a geologist by the United States
Gypsum Company. In early 1935 he began a thirty-two-year career with
the Magnolia Petroleum Company and its parent organization, the

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