The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 89, July 1985 - April, 1986

The Sesquicentennial of Texas:
A Commemoration
torical Association authorized Dr. L. Tuffly Ellis, who served as the
director of the Association for eight years and as managing editor and
editor of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly for seventeen years, to
produce four expanded sesquicentennial issues for the eighty-ninth
volume of the Quarterly. I am aware that I am flying false colors, for this
one particular issue, which bears my name as editor, is essentially the
product of Dr. Ellis's efforts. As testimony to his service to the Associa-
tion, it even carries his last Director's Report, which he envisioned as an
explanation of the many duties of the organization, complete with a
record of what he saw as its accomplishments and failures. We shall all
miss Dr. Ellis. He was, in the most basic sense, a visionary who accepted
only the best from his associates, colleagues, and friends. His immense
labors on behalf of the Association, particularly in the development of
the new Handbook of Texas, are now and will continue to be honored for
years to come. Indeed, we have passed through what may properly be
called the Ellis years.
It is altogether appropriate that the Quarterly increase its offering
with this volume. The Texas Sesquicentennial Commission, in view of
the state's economic austerity program, has urged communities and or-
ganizations to take up the slack where funding is lacking. Because it is
the oldest learned society in Texas, and because of its distinctive mis-
sion, the Association takes genuine pleasure in responding affirma-
tively to that challenge. This year the Quarterly will carry at least twelve
articles, as opposed to the usual four to eight, and it will cover the Texas
experience from the prerevolutionary period to modern times. It is the
Quarterly's way of joining in a salute to Texas during the 15oth anniver-
sary of its independence.
Special issues are not altogether new to the Quarterly. In April, 1973,
there was a special number dedicated to the black experience in Texas.
Another solid achievement was the issue on the Mexican War, pub-

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