The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 89, July 1985 - April, 1986

Affairs of the Association
WHEREAS, James William Pohl, professor of history at Southwest Texas
State University, took leave of absence beginning June i, 1985, to
serve as Interim Director of The Center for Studies in Texas His-
tory at The University of Texas-Austin and as Interim Director of
the Texas State Historical Association, and
WHEREAS, Jim Pohl has served with distinction and commitment in the
foregoing assignments during a critical juncture in the Associa-
tion's history, and
WHEREAS, with courage, courtesy, and decisiveness, he has advised the
Executive Council on all important matters on the unfinished
agendum and frequently offered sound suggestions for their reso-
lution, and
WHEREAS, Dr. Pohl, as a faculty member at Southwest Texas State Uni-
versity since 1964, has contributed scholarly articles to the South-
western Historical Quarterly, and
WHEREAS, Professor Pohl throughout the years has served the Associa-
tion on the Nominations Committee (1977-1978), the Program
Committee (1974-1975 and 1980-1981), and the Finance Com-
mittee (1985), and
WHEREAS, James W. Pohl, in accepting the challenge of directing the
affairs of the Association during a difficult transition in executive
leadership, gave priority to the tasks of returning the Quarterly to its
traditional schedule of publication and distribution and of increas-
ing the level of productivity on The Handbook of Texas project, and
WHEREAS, he discharged all responsibilities incumbent upon the direc-
torship with persistent resolve and cheerful disposition, hallmarks
of a leader, scholar, and gentleman,

Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 89, July 1985 - April, 1986. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 11, 2016.