The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 22, July 1918 - April, 1919

Affairs of the Association

Some reminiscences regarding United States Revenue Cutter
Service off the coast of Texas, by Mr. Ben. C. Stuart, are printed
in the Galveston News, June 16, 1918.
Mrs. Kate Scurrv Terrell, author of "The Runaway Scrape"
and of "Terry's Texas Rangers" in A Comprehensive History of
Texas, died in New Orleans, June 19. Brief sketches of her
career appear in the Flouslon Post and the fHouston Chronicle of
June 20.
The Houston Chronicle of June 20 quotes from the Waco Times-
Herald a brief note on the origin of the Texas Lone Star Flag.
The Texas State Historical Association held its annual business
meeting in Austin on April 22, and elected the following officers:
Mrs. Adele B. Looscan of Houston, President; Dr. Alex Dienst
of Temple, Major Georg e W. Littlefield of Austin, Mr. RI. C.
Crane of Sweetwater, and Mr. Lewis P. Bryan of IHouston, Vice-
Presidents: Mis Adina. de Zavala of San Antonio, Mrs. M. A.
Hatcher and Professor E. T. Miller of Austin, members of the
Executive Conell ; and Professor Chas. W. Ramsdell, Correspond-
ing Secretary and Treasurer. A number of new members were
elected to the Association.
Professor Cllha. E. Chapman of the University of California,
Professor Chas. D. Cunningham of the University of Texas, Mr.
A. K. Christian now at the University of Pennsylvania, Miss
Eleanor C. Buckler of Austin, and Mr. Philip C. Tucker 3rd of
Vergenncs, Vt., were elected fellows. Resoluntionv were adopted
thanking Major Littlefield for his gift of the John IT. Wrenn
Library of Chicago to the University of Texas. This Library is
very rich in rare editions of the English drama, and contains much
original material on English history during the Stuart period.
Thanks were voted to Mr. Philip C. Tucker 3rd for valuable gifts
of manuscripts and pamphlets on Texas history to the Association.
The Treasurer's report follows:


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